3 o' clock in my bed

facing the 25th hour of the day !

2016 10 30

3 o'clock in my bed, facing the 25th hour of the day, I was trying to decide what am i gonna do with this ... TIME FOR ME ! As soon as i would wake up, i want to take full advantage of it for myself.

Would i take a perfume long bath ?

Will i read a good book in my "transat" by a sunny day ? (exceptionnal weather announced by the meteo chanel, usually it is rainy at this period of the year) ?

I could create something, or to play with my new tools for crafting, maybe i could try these watercolors i did not unpacked yet ?

Should i check and pick up flowers, trying to make a bouquet as a master centerpiece for my Halloween table ?

Maybe calling friends ?

So many lovely things to dream of ! So i spent a long time, undecideable, maybe an hour ? Than i realized that the real "bonus" was to be "just in time". It was 2 o"clock in the morning, on that day of changing "spring time" for "winter times", the exact hour, the perfect hour to sleep.