"Journées Gastronomiques de Sologne": 2017 10 28

2017 10 22

The 40th birthday !

A very high gastronomic level is on the menu for this special year : rabbit terrine with chicken liver and wild mushrooms (tasting), entremet blood orange, Christmas cake for no n professionnals pastry chef, geometric shapes for kindergartens, "the wedding of yesterday to today "(in sugar and in chocolate themes), and WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP of "LIEVRE A LA ROYALE "!

Do you know the recipe of "Lièvre à la Royale" ? Did you ever heard about that ? Did you tasted it ? I did not. So i made my opinion searching in historic chronicles. Today, i am proud to announce you that the recipe of "Lièvre à la Royale" is absolute MADNESS ! Competitors (even if they are professionnels Chefs) will work during 7 hours to prepare.

"Lièvre à la Royale recipe" (résumé):

1 / you must prepare the hare and its sauce,

2 / the stuffing is prepared with goose foie gras, flamed Armagnac, mushrooms, bacon, a bouquet garni, eggs, truffles, spices,3 / cladding with bacon to cook in Burgundy wine (for about 4 hours),

3 / a garnish of game dumplings, mushrooms cooked in butter and lemon juice, with Champagne or Porto wine,

4 / the reconstituted hare is to be presented with puffed potatoes.

You see the painting? GOOD SUNDAY.

Le 40ème anniversaire !

Ils nous préparent un programme de folie : terrine de lapin au foie de volaille et champignons des bois (dégustation), entremet à l'orange sanguine, gâteau de Noël pour les amateurs, formes géométriques pour les maternelles, "le mariage d'hier à aujourd'hui" (thèmes sucre et chocolat), et CHAMPIONNAT DU MONDE DE "LIEVRE A LA ROYALE" !

Connaissez-vous la recette du "Lièvre à la Royale" ? En avez-vous déjà entendu parler ? L' avez-vous goûté ? Moi non. Et je me suis forgée mon opinion en lisant des chroniques historiques. Aujourd'hui, je suis fière de pouvoir vous annoncer que cette recette de "Lièvre à la Royale" est une pure FOLIE ! Les compétiteurs (et bien que ce soient des professionnels) travailleront 7 heures pour la préparer.

"Lièvre à la Royale" (résumé)

1/ il faut préparer le lièvre et sa sauce,

2/ la farce est préparée avec du foie gras d'oie, de l'armagnac flambé, des champignons, du lard, un bouquet garni, des oeufs, des truffes, des épices,

3/ un bardage avec du lard pour faire cuire dans du vin de Bourgogne (pendant environ 4 heures),

3/ une garniture de quenelles de gibier, de champignons cuits au beurre et au jus de citron, avec du champagne ou du porto,

4/ le lièvre reconstitué est à présenter avec des pommes de terre soufflées.

Vous voyez le tableau ? BON DIMANCHE.

"Romorantin, c'est l'Amérique ..."

2017 04 22

In MATRA Museum, you will be in America ! The special exhibit - cars and Harley Davidson - made my day.

The American dream !

Who never had a dream seating behind the steering wheel of a famous Cadillac on the never ending straights of the "route 66" ?

Maybe on the road i would listen to Bruce Springsteen and the E street Band on the radio singing "cadillac ranch" (1985 - Paris) ...

Pâques, c'est avec le pâté berrichon !

2017 04 15 + 2017 04 16 + 2017 04 19

Ingredients :

500 g calf + pork mixed stuffing

1 chopped onion, chopped parsley, chopped coriander. I did not add salt or pepper . Add cognac as you like (a small glass)

4 hard eggs + 1 beaten egg,

2 puff pastry (all ready to cook)

Directions :

Mix : calf + porc + onion + parsley + coriander + beaten egg + cognac

Put on the first puff pastry and add hard eggs

Cover with the second puff pastry. Paste the edges and cut to obtain a rectangle. Please notice that i let the sheet under my pâté to cook iin the oven - about 1 hour at 180 C° - after décorating with leaves and flowers. Add beaten egg (leftovers) to gild. Do not forget to prepare "cheminée" for steam to escape.

As you can smell or see your art is browning, add aluminium foil to protect.

Mine is cooking ...

I had to take care before the end of the previously time : juice started to get over in the oven ! ALWAYS keep the lick flat under. And lay an aluminium paper on the top when browning too much ! Wait for the "Pâté de Pâques" to be cold before removing the baking sheet from the puff pastry.

Notice that i prepared some milk, just in case my stuff would be too much heavy. In that case and only, i would put some bread and milk (very mixed with others ingredients) to alleviate.

This "pâté berrichon" can be served for three or four days, you cannot freeze but refrigerate it. It can be eaten cold too.

Loir-et-Cher vs Australia

2017 02 27

2016 was a very bad year in Loir-et-Cher. With floods, we had to cross over flooded rivers in improvised fordings, BUT WE DID NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR CROCODILES TO CROSS FIRST !!!

Le Domaine de Chambord - jardins under water : a rainy month in 3 days ! - Has never existed before.

"Le Loir-et-Cher"

Michel DELPECH song "le Loir-et-Cher" and every one in France discovered, in the 70's, that "loir-et-chériens" (people who live there) are GREAT PEOPLE !

i could not imagine one day, on internet, somebody watching a photo in Québec would compare the magnificence beauty of his country to mine.

Mes amis québecois, le retour de cette rubrique est pour vous !


2017 01 20

Le château de Tintin et Milou

"la guigne de la Saint Vincent", a culinary speciality

2017 01 21

This one was prepared by a baker. It is usually blessed to eat at the end of the spiritual (or not) ceremony with ... a glass of wine !

THE celebration of winegrowers

2017 01 12 + 2017 01 21

Les vignerons loir-et-chériens fêtent leur saint patron le 22 janvier 2017.

Winegrowers will organize a big party with traditionals rituals "must have" on this date : january 22, 2017

Confréries will put on ritual clothes to be blessed, celebrate singing, fanfares of hunting horns will play in the streets and the entire community will have a lunch and share "la guigne de Saint Vincent" (brioche non levée) and wine producted on-site.

Cellars will be exceptionnally opened for "dégustations" (oenological tasting) for few hours during the end of the week.

Click below to ear traditional "cors de chasse"

"L'étoile du berger" - pâtisserie de Romorantin-Lanthenay :

"à l'année prochaine !"

2016 12 09 + 2017 01 12

This pastrie is registrered in the "patrimoine culinaire de France" since 2010. It is unique. Only three personnes in France knows the real recipe.

Ingredients are simple : egg white, walnuts/hazelnuts and sugar !!! - This is a festive cake for travelers. You can preserve it for weeks. It was traditional wedding cake in 1920, than used for birthday celebration and now you can taste it during Christmas time.

This star is born in 1908 and it is always huge success !

Michel Delpech - le Loir-et-Cher