December : Do It Yourself

Preparing "Fiesta" : jokes !

2016 12 19

Imagine : you would be at home with some of your guests starting appetizers when others call : "sorry, we will be late, we are in the traffic but stopped and we do not know for how long !"

PANIC  on kitchen board ! You cannot start eating your delicious contest menu. That is not the worst. If your super guests are hungry too much, they could be angry too and if you do not have a "F" (failure) plan to save your "soirée", it would be a "cauchemardesque" evening soon !

So, you would have to create a "non formal" atmosphere to wait and it could be long ! Maybe you could be helped by your cat or your dog, starting to share about, but maybe that won't be enought; So, do not hesitate. RIDICULOUS could save. Keep a secret notebook in kitchen closer to cooking books with jokes you would note in everytime someone tells you a funny one.

And you could test in real, when you are queuing up for hours, with your gifts or exotics products in arms. If people around smile or laugh, do not waste your time hesitating, write it down. You would be the greatest "hôte de l'année" for your guests i am sure. And if you are not, you would smile - but not alone - remembering the jokes you had with cashier everytime you would see her for the next year !

My Moleskine's cover

2016 12 15

My diary starts to grow and it is time to cover it before it would be twice its original size (or more) !

As i need more space on the last paper called "31", i ripped the glue line from the bottom of the cover and secure the other with a glue gun before spraying "gold" on the cover. I highly recommend to do it with gloves and a mask to protect your breathe : my spray was old and mostly out of order, so it flowed over my hands and splashed all around (i had newspapers to protect my table). Finally, it was spread in raindrops ! So, as i wanted to keep a very parctical cover with the ability to roll without tearing, i "painted" with a little spalter for glossy glue that i added in the same time. The "gold" spread with brush marks. I loved it that way, so i left to dry before adding a paper napkin cutter. Nothing extraordinary, just the spirit of Christmas ! I imitated a postal stamp cut around with my black pencil, and wrote the month and the year.

I left enough space to put a button and a ribbon to close the book if it becomes very heavy. I did not decided yet.

"la pomme d'ambre est une menteuse (the apple of amber is a liar)..."

2016 12 14

"The apple of amber is a liar ..." because it is not an apple with an amber jewelry necklace but an orange juice fruit with cloves clove in. But believe me, it smell so good in winter !

To start with, choose a very juicy orange. Clove in cloves making "arabesques" or nothing special, it is your "pomme d'ambre", your way ! You can add a node with a stylish pin on the top, even add something to catch it, depending on where you want to exhibit it ! i kept this one simple, just to put on a table. Upside down sometimes for a perfect result.

December Diary

2016 12 01 + 2016 12 02 - Pages (extract)

A diary made with a Moleskine +  gift wrapping + Christmas stickers + newspapers and magazins collages + archival or permanent black pencils.

The first page is the number "1" and the double-page next will be too. So i have enough space to put on photos, recipes, tags, quotes and whatever ... for this day. It is "catch it all" or "Remember the Day" spirit, mix with "junk" journaling !

December will have 31 dates and i will have to create more space for some days. So each time i could, i will create pockets and mini albums.

Last year, i experiment "coloriage" for adults and it was nice. So i will start again this year with leftover children albums i had for long to create these pockets.

I chose Moleskine for Christmas album because the size is perfect for newspapers i will glue on and the paper is strong enough to support many collages. My photos will be put on others papers (scrapbooking techniques), so i do not care that it is not "archival" quality  - and i will keep an original in perfect archival album if i really care...

The purpose is to have fun making it. This album does not need to be perfect, it only needs us to remember years after, what our lives were.

PAGE "2" - i kept it simple because i want to put on photos : (my first) Santa's sleigh on the beach !


I willl prepare each day quickly because i want to remember  what's happening and where ...

Random is a good choice for decorative papers to start with.


Remain of the Day collage

2016 12 11

First i glued a music paper on the note book, than added chocolate paper and stickers, and leftover craft paper

Second, used a biscuit box - pink and white - that i found lovely to stylised candles.

Third, and final, i cut all pieces leftover from the biscuit box to create pennants and add with black pencil the garland and dated. I left enough space to put on photos next ...

Bon Anniversaire Renée !

2016 12 12
This card i 've made with silk paper glued with glossy glue - add paper towel patterns, trying to make folds to create texture. I used recycled paint samples for the letters of the name ( written with black pencil) - "la meilleure" and "2016" were cutted in magazine.  Borders coming from "craft borders" stickers in indian theme i used especially this year - And some strand of wheat i found on decorative chritsmas flowers. A purple node coming from sweets, and beach souvenir.

This picture i took will be printed in supermarket machines in "postcard" style and sent by the Poste to be delivered. So I will be able to add a personal message.