2016 - December

Starting THE "bûche" !

2016 12 31 - 19 pm ... 2 HOURS TO OBTAIN A RESULT WITH 1 "do it again"

This bûche will be tasted tomorrow at lunch.

1/ Get your farmer butter out of the fridge

2/ start to prepare your "crème au beurre" - You will need :

- 3 eggs

- 120 g sugar

- 170 g butter

- 2 tablespoon Grand Marnier or vanillia (extract)

AND 1 pan + 1 glass bowl + 3 wooden spoon AND some "galets" (pebbles gleaned from the beach) to securise your glass bowl while boiling and turning manual with one of the wooden spoon, the others are used to securize the glass bowl too ... you will understand better seeing photos !

Are you ready ? all ingredients prepared ?

The worst is at the beginning : 10 minutes working with the wooden spoon without interruption, trying to form  "8" with eggs and sugar, together in "bain-marie" saucepan - You need the ingredients to mix perfect. If it does not, you can choose plan "F" (failure) and decide to use jam tomorrow or try another time. I failed first and second trying sounds good.

I do not care WHY i failed ! Maybe one egg was not good enough or not temperated as required, maybe my water was not boiling enough and so on ... Wasting time. Concentrate on the second chance challenge.

To put all the chances on your side (and believe me, when you succeed and presents your create at guests, it is phenomenon whatever the imperfects are ! ), you have to require perfect butter and respect it, turning around and around friendly with your wooden spoon, that is all the secret !

You can easily see a butter turning bad : to confirm on my photos !

OK, you are ready to be a challenger Chef now !

Prepare your "bain marie" (you can follow my way or do it on your own), but be sure the water is perfectly boiling during all the process. In 12 minutes, mine was ready. The color had changed and it was more strong consistant. So i stopped the cooking and use a big big bowl with an ice block to refresh it, while i was preparing butter to be incorporated in it next. All you have to do is to knead the butter as clay. Then incorporate and mix with wooden spoon and in final with electric butter  - slowly position - to eliminate lumps. Than i added 2 tablespoon of Grand marnier. When perfectly mixed, i covered and put it in the fridge, enough time for the cream to be cold but not enough to be strong, so you could easily spread with a spoon on the génoise when it will be cold too.

3/ Prepare the "génoise" 


We loved this one decorated with cristalized organic "violette" and "roses", sprinkles with icing sugar to frost flowers.  Old fashioned. To serve with champagne. Very old fashioned. So nice.

La bûche ... sur son 31 !

2016 12 27

I will prepare for the end of the year only ...

If you would like to do so, prepare your plan "f" (faiilure) : a génoise to roll with a jam you could prepare in last minute if your "crème au beurre" turn badly ...

I hope mine real "bûche" will sounds good enought for the party !!!

I started to prepare "jardiniers" gifts for the evening - and ended my "Rose's" project. To be continued

"Le blanc !" starts today ...

2016 12 26

As each year, the day after Christmas, stores tries to catch you with "alléchantes "promises as "- 50%" ...But NOT on everything because these are not the "soldes". TODAY is "le blanc", that means you could find very good products for HOME at low cost. Look for everything to decorate or use in the house mostly bath towels, sheets, duvets and "vaisselle" (dishes).

You would have low prices (search  - 70%) on Christmas decorating too. So, today is a day to repair everything in the house which was spoilet during the holidays ! Look on internet to people who are trying to exchange stuff that they do not like (- 10% to -20% on "neuf" prizes and more on "occasion").

So, it will be easy to find an old service plate that was broken to match with yours, fasteners for Christmas balls that will keep you from running next Christmas when you would have a little "lutin" in a hurry for the magical moments, and that little thing of "nothing" that you would NOT find on the others months of the year could be appreciated by birds in your garden to eat succulent fat balls you would like to put in winter for them to "picorer" ...

Open your eyes for next crafting project but be realistic : you would not be able to do much more than this past year !

Holly Night !

2016 12 25

Here we are on the 25th at night and i will say  "goodbye" to this day in few minutes. I did not posted as much as i would like to do but this is life !

I've just heard at tv news that wonderful singers desappeared in a crash plane. Christmas without the Red Army Choir would not be the same. Rest in peace.

At the end of this year, i would like to thanks everyone who welcome my You Tube channel in his country, and most of all friendly penpals i met with the google circles. I really apppreciated to chat with all of you. I hope we will be able to do so next year too ... See you soon !

Tomorrow night : Christmas' Eve !

2016 12 23

Relax and have a good time !

I will prepare my "bûche" tomorrow and will put the recipe on line. All you need " special" is a very good farmer butter to secure your cream and a night in the fridge. My "2016" will be ready for lunch on 25th. Coming soon on page "cuisine" ...

Antonio and my "F.A.I." : THANKS !

2016 12 19

As some are trying to catch the sun flying over wind, snow, freeze or grey smoke in town, i am traveling with internet ... YES ! i am connected (and i hope for long this time). So, i could watch the "Miss France " contest and i have to say :


If you could have "replay," you can see by yourself the "Miss Ile-de-France" was wearing white pants during the défilé of the traditionnal modernized regional costumes !

Everybody knows the Comité is not cool at all about "bienséance", so i am very proud to announce that old french fashioned laws are repealed. In older times, women teachers could be "renvoyées" (fired) from school if they were wearing pants when mercury was not freezing enought. In 70's, it was "toléré". in 80's it was "casual" and now it is officialy "formal". Just in case you would like to know ...

Congrats Antonio ! Félicitations Antonio !

2016 12 14

Hier soir, c'était la finale de l'émission : "la France a un incroyable talent".

Antonio est un magicien de haut vol. Il a demandé à Hélène Segara, notre chanteuse membre du jury, qui a bien précisé qu'elle n'était pas sa complice, de penser à un "people", mort ou vivant, et de mettre sur la table devant elle un peu de monnaie pour rétribuer son numéro s'il aboutissait correctement en découvrant la personne qu'elle avait en tête. C'était une captation "en direct" du show télévisé

Antonio lui a précisé qu'il allait essayer de l'influencer en lui soumettant des noms de  V.I.P. écrits sur un paperboard. Il a aussi demandé à David Ginola - le footballeur animateur du show - de signer son nom sur une page de paiper blanc qu'Antonio découpait en morceaux pendant qu'il parlait ... et finalement mit dans un cadre une silhouette en papier découpé, sens dessus dessous. Ainsi, quand Hélène Segara dit qu'elle pensait à  "George Clooney", le public découvrit la silhouette de l'acteur estampillé par David Ginola

Et ce ne fut pas tout : sur chaque siège du public était offert un numéro d'un quotidien dans lequel figurait une annonce où tout le monde pouvait lire avec exactitude le numéro de banque du billet qu'Hélène Segara avait posé sur la table devant elle !

Antonio a gagné les 100 000 euros !!! Il est le gagnant 2016 de "La France a un incroyable talent". C'est ce que j'ai appris ce matin en discutant avec mon Fournisseur d'Accès Internet. J'aurais apprécié de le découvrir par moi-même hier soir ...


Quoiqu'il en soit, "chapeau bas l'artiste !" et merci à tous les aparticipants de ce fascinant show. Nous aimerons vous voir sur scène à nouveau.

Yesterday at night, it was the final contest "la France a un incroyable talent".

Antonio is a very high level magician. He asked our singer Helene Segara, a member of the jury - who precised she was not her partner - to think to a "people", dead or alive, and to put on the table some money to pay to him if he would be right discovering the man she had in mind ... It was a television show capted in "direct".

Then he told her he would try to influence her and present some names of V.I.P. written on board. He asked David Ginola - the footballer who animated the show - to sign a white paper. Antonio cutted in pieces while talking ... and put in a frame the silhouette paper cut, up side down. So, while Hélène Segara said she was thinking of : "George Clooney", the public discovered the silhouette certified by David Ginola !

And that was not enough : on every seat in the show was offered a newspaper and there was an annoncement in it. Everybody can read : the number of the bank money Hélène Segara put on the table,  written, exactly !

In final, Antonio won 100 000 euros !!! He is the winner of the show. That i heard from my "F.A.I." i saw this morning. I would appreciate to see it by myself ...


Whatever, congrats and "chapeau bas l'artiste !" and thank you all people in this amazing show. We will love to see you performing once again.

Tomorrow : Sainte Lucie !

2016 12 12

"La Suède à table" is the book i will use to prepare my Santa Lucia's diner.

To be continued on page "cuisine" tomorrow !

PLOEMEUR - I saw Santa !

2016 12 03

Not only these ones, but the Real and unique Santa ! I did not know how he could be in several places faster than me ... a child told me his secret : he is transported on his "magic" sleigh that become "normal" as soon as somebody is in side !

In Marché de Noël de Ploemeur, Santa came with two bears. GROS SUCCES !

To discover "les grigris de Grimalkin" and "Brin d'idées", please go on page "artists". Thank you.

Sunday's jogging

2016 12 04

- Go ahead, move, move ! shouted the driver, that required my attention; just in front of my porch on that sunday freezing morning.

Opened window, driving very slowly and carefully, he was the coach of three ladies. The grand-ma with her grey and white short hair was the first by his side, the second, i supposed his wife, was behind and on her face, i could see she was trying her best to run as longer as her mother's in law would like too but she had enough, and the younger with her very black hair was ... far behind and she was obviously bored.

They had an assistance runner ready to left her home !!!

GUIDEL - a supermarket made it funnier !

2016 12 01