Baked apples / Pommes au four

2017 09 22

Baked apples

Wash the apples, peel them with a thrifty. Remove the medium with the seeds.

Arrange on a pre-buttered oven glass dish. Place raspberry jam in the apple pit. If possible, add a spoonful around the hole with blackberry jam. Finish with a knob of butter for each.

Place in a preheated oven at 400 ° F for about 30 minutes (depending on the size and hardness of the fruit). Cooking should be stopped when the apple pulp becomes soft. Serve warm or cold.

It was the traditional dessert of the countryside, prepared in the wood stoves at the end of heating. With organic apples, it is possible to keep the skin.

Pommes au four

Laver les pommes, les éplucher avec un économe. Enlever le milieu avec les pépins.

Disposer sur un plat en verre allant au four préalablement beurré. Mettre dans le puit de la pomme de la confiture de framboise. Ajouter si possible une cuillerée autour du trou avec de la confiture de mûres. Finir avec une noisette de beurre pour chacune.

Mettre au four préchauffé à 200 °C pendant environ 30 minutes (selon la grosseur et la dureté des fruits). Il faut arrêter la cuisson quand la pulpe des pommes devient moelleuse. Servir tiède ou froid.

C'était le dessert traditionnel des campagnes préparés dans les cuisinières à bois en fin de chauffe. Avec les pommes bio, il est possible de garder la peau.

Tarte TATIN, la vraie, le retour !

2017 08 26

THE "Tarte TATIN", the real one is coming back !

Remember, i told you about in october 2016, during the "semaine du goût" ( posted 2016 10 13). The recipe is now an intangible heritage.

In the video - in french- you can see a MASTER from the Confrérie des Lichonneux to realise in his kitchen the real original recipe

The Master uses "GOLDEN" apples to cook the "tarte Tatin" in  his recipe. The guests who are invited to taste the final result are in official costume to represent the Confrérie des Lichonneux.

LA "Tarte TATIN", la vraie, le retour !

La recette est maintenant enregistrée au patrimoine culturel immatériel de l'UNESCO. Je vous en donnais déjà la recette en 2016 (billet du 13 octobre, à l'occasion de la semaine du goût).

Dans cette vidéo en français, un Maitre de la Confrérie des Lichonneux réalise dans sa cuisine la recette originale. Il utilse des pommes "golden" pour sa recette.

Les invités à la dégustation revêtent la tenue officielle de la confrérie des Lichonneux.

THE OFFICIAL RECIPE IN FRENCH  by The "Lichonneux de la Tarte TATIN" Brotherhood

Véritable RECETTE OFFICIELLE par la Confrérie des Lichonneux de tarte TATIN


2017 08 2017 - 2017 08 13 + 2017 08 14 : GREAT/Excellente !

Marmalade pears pineapple vanilla

Pears and pineapples prepared and cut into large dices in the same quantity and vanilla pod. Weigh and add as much sugar, to macerate overnight

To cook 7 minutes when boiling. Let it freeze softly before puttint the lid cold on the jar of jam. And wait for another day before tasting !

Marmelade poires ananas vanillée

Poires et ananas préparés et découpés en gros dés en même quantité et gousse de vanille. Peser et ajouter autant de sucre, à laisser macérer toute une nuit

7 minutes de cuisson à partir de l'ébullition. Laissez redfroidir gentilment avant de couvrir le pot de confiture. Et attendre un jour de plus avant de déguster !


2017 07 18

Can you feel italian way of life smelling in your kitchen ? Did you put "on" your playlist of italian crooner' songs ?

To succeed your perfect "risotto", you would have first to choose the right specie of rice : "ARBORIO" is just perfect for that.

Second, you would have to prepare it in the right way, beginning by putting in a stove some sunflower oil (or butter) and throwing rice in it when it is hot, to obtain nice translucent grains but not grilled. At THIS moment only, and be carefull not to be boiled with steam, you will add boiling water you prepared in a kettle. You will stop at the perfect level, that's mean when boiling water is just covering the rice. DO NOT add lid. Just maintain boiling during all the process, it is very important, but not too much. When you are learning this way of preparing, it is normal that boiilng is too fast, so you would have to add some boiling water to end the cooking. Your rice must not attach. At the end of the cooking, the rice absorbed all the water. To count about 12 to 15 minutes.

Third, you could choose ingredients that would match up togheter. In this recipe i add cod and greens coming from red onions. I did not cooked at all the red part but chopped and add the leaves in the boiling water with rice and cod ! Raw and cutted into strips to decorate the palte in final, is better for red onion. If you would use white onion, just let it boil in full.

You can eat hot or cold. If you used frozen fish, do not frost again. In France, all packaging MUST DECLARE if the product you would eat was frosted before and you would see something like this : "produit décongelé" or "ne pas congeler".

PLAYLIST : to start with ZUCCHERO "Baila morena" + Laura PAUSINI and Laura FABIAN in "la solitudine"

"Refugee Food Festival" in Europe

2017 06 21

"Refugee Food Festival - European restaurants are welcoming in refugee chefs" - UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency

Le lancement du Refugee Food Festival 2017 sur TV5Monde

France: Paris restaurants open kitchens to refugee chefs- France 24 english

To discover cuisines from all over the world, what would be better than sharing recipes and skills ?

During "Refugees Food Festival" in Europe, selected restaurants will open their kitchen to refugees Chefs.

If you are in a town where the festival takes place, please share your experience, we would like to know !

Eggplant and goat cheese

to prepare a sunny lunch

2017 05 16

Super easy to prepare:

1/ eggplant : to cut in half and to grill 20 mn about - in a mini-oven - with Herbes de Provence in sunflower oil while preparing salad

2/ salad : lettuce + fresh tomatoes + garlic "confit" (use that excellent oil too) + "balsamique" vineger + a portion of "mousse de thon" (fish "rillettes" are the same)

3/ When you are ready to serve, grill - 5 Minutes only - the "crottin de chèvre" (1 per person) on an half eggplant (pulp side)

4/ add olive oil as you like - To eat with "pain aux graines" (as squash)

"Tartiflette printanière"

2017 04 02

1/Prepare "tartiflette" : in fresh water, put potatoes to boil. Then wait for about 20 mn. Throw water away, peel potatoes. In a stove, grill bacon and oinions. Do not salt. Add peper if you like.Pour frying oil into a baking dish. Mix grill bacon, oinions, cooked potatoes in it. Add REBLOCHON (only and unique in the original recipe coming from Savoie. It might represent more than 20% of the ingredients and be cooked in a traditionnal oven). Just remove the label before cut the cheese in two egal parts with a knife. Put each part to cover potatoes. Grill until the cheese is like a creamy sauce and smelling good ! The original recipe stop here. My "Tartiflette printanière" is served with dandelions i cut by a very sunny day just before cooking.

2/ Choose fresh dandelion (only leaves for this recipe). Cut it and clean with water added with vinegar. Put in boiling water during 5 mn. Throw water and start again 5 mn in boiling water. Throw water and put with garlic for 5 mn in a greased stove. Add in final on your "traditional" tartiflette. Serve with country bread and sparkling water.

3/ Please notice that some industrials would like to help you to choose the appropriate cheese mentionning "tartiflette" on their packaging.

"Boeuf bourguignon" recipes by Gordon RAMSAY or Rachel KHOO

2017 01 31

AND Julia CHILD cooking "boeuf bourguignon" of her own ...

Sorry, i did not succeed and i let it down : STORM was here !!!

2017 01 13

My bûche 2017 is a big "F"!

For those who are asking if it is possible to prepare "a bûche" recipe in storm conditions, my answer is : NO !

I never thought that atmospheric pressure differences would be so important and interfered with ingredients.

Bûche 2016 is really great

So i highly recommend to prepare this one.

If you are on the aventurous way of Bûche 2017, plan"F" is to replace "crème au beurre" by lemond curd.

Preparing my "bûche" 2017 for Orthodox New Year's Eve on January 13 !

2017 01 10

This year - 2017 - i will be the first one, i hope so, to put in line my recipe ! THE bûche 2016 was made of génoise stuffed with "crème au beurre Grand Marnier" and decorated with organic "violette" and "roses", cristalized in sugar.

In 2017 orthodox New Year's Eve, i will present a "surprizing génoise" stuffed with "Limoncello crême au beurre" and decorated with beautiful tiny fruits : "physalis". The recipe are similar so i will use the same pictures !

1/ To prepare "the surprising génoise", start NOW : january 11 !

We will incorporate small pieces of lemon bark bergamot and it is better to prepare these one or two days before.

Cut 1 bergamot lemon in half after cleaning under water. Use the juice to drink with boiling water while preparing ...

Cut the peal in small pieces. Put in a glass jar and add 2 tablespoon of ordinary sugar (the one you will use to prepare jam). Be sure the jar is half empty : you need air to suceed. Than, close the jar and forget it after shaking

2/ "Limoncello crème au beurre" - to prepare on january 12

You will need :

- 3 eggs

- 120 g sugar

- 170 g butter - the best !

- 2 tablespoon Limoncello


- Prepare "bain marie" and be sure the water is perfectly boiling during all the process. i hardlyy recommend to use a wooden spoon and to be delicate and to slow down while mixing eggs and sugar togheter ... You could see "F" sounds like if you are too much "omelette" mixing !

- Writing a "8" with your wooden spoon, in about 10 minutes the color will change and become more strong consistant.

- Stop the cooking and use a big big bowl with an ice block to refresh it, while preparing butter to be incorporated in it next. All you have to do is to knead the butter as clay.

- Then incorporate and mix with wooden spoon and in final with electric butter - slowly position - to eliminate lumps.

- Add 2 tablespoon of Lemoncello. When perfectly mixed, cover and put it in the fridge, enough time for the cream to be cold but not enough to be strong, so you could easily spread with a spoon on the génoise when it will be cold too.

3/ starting "génoise"- on january 12


- 3 eggs and electric mixer to obtain whisked eggs white

- 120 g ordinary sugar

- 50 g flour

- 40 g maizena

and your 1 bergamot lemon jar

AND A VERY CLEAN AND USED TEA TOWEL to prepare your "roulé"


Preheat the oven - 150 C°

Prepare whisked eggs white

Mix : egg yolks + sugar to obtain a sparkling white mixture

Add : flour+ maîzena + bergamot lemon jar - mix well.

Incorporate whiskled eggs white very carefully.

Put butter before pouring the mixture in the oven container for about 15 minutes - When the cooking is perfect, wet the tea towel with lukewarm water and spin very much.

Flip the "surprising génoise" on it and roll carefully. Wait until the "crème au beurre " is cold enough to be used as stuff.

4/ the "roulé technique"- on january 12

When génoise and crème au beurre are cold enough but not too much, unroll the tea towell and stuff the "surprizing génoise" with half "crème au beurre". Roll it again - without the tea towell this time - Ready to be decorated !

5/ the "physalis" decorating - on january 12

Use the last half "creme au beurre" to decorate with a tablespoon to imitate the wooden "bûche" natural style.

Put on "physalis" well arranged and sprinkle with icing sugar. Put in the fridge until tomorrow. You will get of the fridge about 1 hour before serving.

In Physalis, you do not eat leaves - so pretty - but only the orange tiny fruit. TO BE CONTINUED WITH PHOTOS.

"la bûche"

2016 12 16

I saw THE Mercotte's bûche on her blog yesterday night, it is ..."PHENOMENAL" ! Mercotte a mis la barre très très haut ! And announce a special " le meilleur pâtissier" pour les fêtes. I remember last year, a candidate created a lightening bûche to remember his childhood and "la fête des lumières" in his town ... you know what i mean.

I am not this technical enough !!! So i will keep it "simple", only the basics : a bottom of dough in a "roulé" style and a delicate perfume in mouth . Of course, a decorative top. I have some ideas i will let you know when the time will come. i will not freeze.

"brioches au safran"/ Lussekatter

Holly Lucie !

2016 12 13 + 2016 12 16 : no more in the metal box, my husband asked : "what is coming next ?"

Can you see in these pastries coming from Sweden the eyes of Santa Lucia ?

This night is the longuest night of the year and everybody needs enough food to face the dark ... waiting for tomorrow : the return of the light !

In Sweden, Santa Lucia is very important and celebrated. On postcards, you can see pretty blond hair girls crowned with four candles and wearing a white dress to offer cafe and pastries, these ones ! Someone told me on that specific days, mothers stay in bed while daughters are preparing the meal ... and sisters and brothers sing for parents  - or in choir - typical songs. Do not ask me which ones, the only Santa Lucia song i know - as many others frenchies, i am afraid - was composed in Italy and totally out of the subject. Boys wear a white hat with stars.

You can find these pastries in a very yellow and blue company store or do it yourself with a good recipe i found in the book " La Suède à table" from Jean-Marie POTIEZ - éditions Didier Carpentier - named " Lussekatter".

On the photo you can see the result: 18 "brioches au safran" with only 1/4 liter of milk. I did not wanted to prepare too much ... my husband said he will try once and again to discover for how long you can keep in a metal box !

Please notice that i changed the recipe trying "fromage blanc 20%" instead of "faisselle" (we went far away to a phenomenon store to find a good one but they said : "sorry, only in summer ! "), so i can tell you the recipe was not kidding : 2/3 flour at the beginning and 1/3 leftover when you will have to work hard to obtain a very nice "pâte filante" - same as in "brioches".

I was very happy to be friend with the safran we do not use very often - i met a producteur last year in Loir-et-Cher and he told me the secret of "infusion" : only 10 minutes at good temperature and you will create a subtle flavor. The good news is that perfect temperature is egual for "levure de boulanger". Do not forget to filter !

My baker yeast was not enough heavy (only 42 grammes i cut in half) on the paper ! In reality, it was very Popeye's style ! Do not worry, you will be in a hurry to create your puddings when the dough will grow !

In my mini-oven , i let 15 minutes to be "yellow" everywhere.

Bar en croûte de sel

2016 11 25

Ask the fishmonger to empty and remove head of fish.

Put in a dish with glass dish. Stuff with thyme. Pour over sea salt (1kg). To cook in owen 30 /40 mn. 200 °C.


Prepare rice or potatoes to serve with. When the fish would be ready, you will have to break the salt crust. Un régal !

A Thanksgiving diner from Lorient

2016 11 24 - WORK IN PROGRESS

My coming from Lorient Thanksgiving Menu for diner :

- Starters : pâté de campagne, grated carrots, bouquets of cauliflowers to dip in "mayonnaise maison" with corn bread

- main : CURRY fried TURKEY and Basmati rice with roasted butternut splash

- cheese,

- pears in wine,

- tartelettes with salted butter : apple and red fruits

TO SERVE with red wine.

"Curry fried Turkey" on the run

2016 11 24

You need :

- 1 KG frozen "sauté de dinde" (fried turkey) - without defrosting -

_ frying oil - i used "huile de tournesol"

- 1 onion, sliced

- 1 natural carrot small baby pot

- 1 yogurt farmer, whole milk

- curry - i used 1 big tablespoon and "5 baies" as you like

to cook : 40 minutes in a cooking pot. Table "induction" on "3" (just to have a little boiling)


Tartelettes with salted butter : apple and red fruits

2016 11 24

Ingredients for 4 molds : 125 g salted butter + 250 g flour - 35 to 40 mn to cook in mini-owen / 210 °C

"table de fête" Christmas ideas

2016 11 28 - WORK IN PROGRESS

I told you many times : the APPLE is the winner !!! So do not hesitate to put some for your guests.


"Bistrot" french style  ... at home !

2016 11 21

Bistrot french style is a cool way to taste traditional flavors even when you are at home or having a rest in a bedroom hotel ...

A white and red coton napkin dressed on a table and gastronomic "pâté" just picked up in a "charcuterie" or in a supermarket and well presented with pickles - do not forget our french "baguette" or taste with country bread - will get you back in shape after a long morning. Add a glass - one and only  - of red wine with cheese and you'll get it !

When cleaning, DO NOT PUT dishwashing liquid on your WOOD serving plate : you would not like to eat some next time ! Just clean with salt brushed by hands underwater - Dry in the open air. Enjoy !

Mercotte - Auray

2016 11 07

My husband loves chocolate and i love Mercotte, so we went to Auray. As many !

It was a "concours de pâtisserie amateur" . The contest was organized by Maêlig Georgelin. Guess what ? The theme was "pomme caramel" ! THE APPLE once again ...

Mercotte took pictures better than me - lost in the far away, so if you are interested in, i invite you to follow Mercotte on her blog or on her facebook page !

Auray was "in mode Mercotte". I discovered it walking in the city. Many boutiques to see and Halles to pass by. Stop at poissonniers, maraichers and portuguese stand to taste specialities, and more of that. Curiosity could be satisfied. The lady there create a twisted bretonne/portugaise tarte with morue. Sur réservation.

PASTA - new !

2016 10 23

A wheat producer tried a new way to make pasta.

To make "demi-lune" and twister around themselves is the idea. To cook only 4 to 6 minutes "al dente" and let the leave unfold to catch tomato sauce ...

It was great but even more better fried in the oven with "gruyère" cheese on top. Love it : "gratiné" and crispy !!!

Coup de gueule

Quand j'ai écrit que nous pouvions faire de merveilleux repas avec moins, je ne pensais pas que certains iraient jusqu'à dénaturer de bons produits pour que la ménagère pressée s'en morde les doigts, qu'elle regrette d'avoir acheté "pas cher" au lieu de privilégier un "produit noble" moyennant un "effort financier" qui devrait lui garantir une certaine qualité gustative et nutritionnelle.

Déjà, tout le monde n'a pas le budget. Ensuite, ce raisonnement est faux.

Enfin,  je ne suis pas un chien et si les "abats" que j'affectionne tout particulièrement doivent finir sur mon fumier, je changerai de fournisseur. Sans appel. Une entaille bien placée m'a induite en erreur : MAL préparés INTENTIONNELLEMENT, le tout glissé sous emballage. Ni vu ni connu. Sauf que, au final, c'était immangeable - un chat errant s'est régalé - Merci pour la soirée.

Donc pour conclure, chers gastronomes, soyez vigileant(e)s, et particulièrement en ces périodes de pré-fêtes !

2016 10 22

Un rognon de veau, quelle que soit sa préparation, m'amène aux portes du paradis.

in "Jean-Pierre COFFE - Coups de Coeur & Coups de fourchette " - Larousse - septembre 2016

2016 10 29

Tarte Tatin the original

2016 10 13 - semaine du goût ... la pomme !

You can see here one made by "Confrérie des Lichonneux de Tarte tatin de Lamotte-Beuvron" - And click in the link below to read the official recipe. In Loir-et-Cher, you do not mess with THE recipe !

 Homemade "pears in wine"

To prepare 5 "poires au vin", you will need :

- 4 or 5 firm pears (conference will be great) - be sure all can stand up in your enamelled pan - you will peal off but keep the tail

- half a bottle of red young wine (ask for fruity taste),

- 200 grammes of white ordinary sugar,

- 1 "sachet de sucre vanillé" + 1 clove + 1 cinnamon stick + grated nutmeg

AND MOST OF ALL : 1 ladle of blackcurrant liquor to obtain a wonderful color in fine. TO PREPARE THE DAY BEFORE EATING !!! - serve cold.


- Put all ingredients together - Let it boil - 20 minutes - Low heat - be sure all faces are boiling similar -

- with a knife, check if it is cooked inside - Let it cold - Put in the fridge in the pan with a lid - Wait ONE DAY before tasting - Present in a bar glass and serve with biscuits.

2016 10 04 + 2016 11 26 - in Thanksgiving Menu coming from Lorient

Rouelle de porc, carottes et panais

Rouelle de porc, carottes et panais

2016 09 27

Recette réalisée avec 2 panais et 1 botte de carottes - compter 3 à 4 petites pommes de terre par personne.

Servir avec le jus de cuisson de la rouelle;

L'aïl est cuit dans le jus, il suffit de sortir les gousses avec la pointe d'un couteau économe et les ajouter dans les assiettes des amateurs.

Si certains convives veulent plus de moutarde dans leur assiette, proposer de la moutarde au miel (nature de préférence pour ce plat). Vous pouvez l'acheter en grandes surfaces ou en épicerie fine en ce moment et pour une durée limitée. Elle se conservera jusqu'à Noêl et environ un mois une fois ouverte conservée au frais dans la porte du réfrigérateur.  Je recommende celle à l'estragon pour accompagner une fricassée de lapin. Il en existe aussi au whiky, très agréable à utiliser dans une mayonaise maison. A vous d'être créatif !


Camargue and red rice beauty

2016 09 17

RED and 25 minutes cooking (façon "créole" in boiling water) ! This rice is phenomenon with red meat - Today i added green beans, oinions, tomatoes and mustard  with a steack - If you are lucky enough to be in camargue, ask for taurus meat, a local specialty - delicious ! Than, you could "farniente" listening some guitar music playing blues or flamenco or both ... or whatever you like mostly ! - Click here and you would see Joel BROS performing with a band : "i will always love you ... Camargue" . He left camargue, think it's "paradise world", mentionned "gitanes" and guitars ... for portugese people, it would be "saudade" !

I remember the place too, but for me it is just a "souvenir de vacances" .  Best moments with horses and swallows. I wo'n t forget the smell of tanned leather, and the work of artists who push the leather on canvas to create colored paintings. i don't have photos of theses trips, that was "for my eyes only" !

"Guinea fowl à ma façon"

2016 09 04 + 2016 09 13 + 2017 09 01 :

Unfortunately, i did not succeeded to put photos in the right scenario ! Sorry folks !

FRANCAIS :--------------------------------------------

Cuire la pintade :

Dans un faitout, faire revenir des oinions émincés dans du beurre. Remuer pour éviter qu'ils n'attachent au fond. Ajouter origan à votre goût et tomates fraiches lavées et coupées en quartiers (enlever les parties blanches indigestes le cas échéant).

OUPS ! Ma pintade était grosse, j'ai dû la découper avant la cuisson.

Posez les morceaux de pintade sur les tomates et oignons. Couvrir d'eau bouillante et maintenir l'ébullition à petits bouillons le temps nécessaire à la cuisson, soit pendant envron 50 minutes (avec couvercle).

Réussir le roux :

Dans une casserole ou un faitout, commencez par faire fondre le beurre et HORS DU FEU ajoutez la farine puis mélangez.Remettez sur feu doux et ajoutez le bouillon, poivrez (ici "5 baies au moulin") à votre convenance. Ajoutez le jus de tomate.

Présenter à l'assiette :

Disposez une part de pintade à côté d'une écrasée de pommes de terre obtenue en épluchant puis en coupant en morceaux les pommes de terre ensuite cuites dans de l'eau bouillante - démarrage à froid - pendant 25 minutes.  Ajouter la sauce.

ENGLISH : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cook the guinea fowl:
In a frying pan, sauté sliced minces in butter. Stir to prevent them from attaching to the bottom. Add oregano to your taste and fresh tomatoes washed and cut into quarters (remove the indigestible white parts if necessary).
OUPS! My guinea fowl was fat, I had to cut it before cooking.
Place guinea fowl on tomatoes and onions. Cover with boiling water and keep boiling in small broth for about 50 minutes (with lid).

How to obtain a "Successful Roux":
In a saucepan or a pot, start by melting the butter and OUT OF THE FIRE add the flour and mix. Repeat on low heat and add the broth, pepper (here "5 berries to the mill") at your convenience. Add the tomato juice.

To "dress" the plate:
Place a piece of guinea fowl next to a crushed potatoes you would obtained by peeling and then cutting into pieces the potatoes. Cook in boiling water - start in cold water - for 25 minutes. Add the sauce.

That was "Roux" and "dressage à l'assiette" / C'était le roux et le dressage à l'assiette.

How to prepare crushed potatoes. /Maintenant les photos de l'écrasée de pommes de terre.

I am sorry i did not think to order a guinea fowl this week, the first in september 2017 ! The "guinea fowl à ma façon" 2016 was delicious.

Je regrette de n'avoir pas commandé une pintade pour ce premier week-end de septembre 2017 ! La "pintade à ma façon" 2016 était délicieuse.

"Moules frites" au bistrot for travelers

The real story ...

Stolen by a wasp !

I drew a composite sketch of my thief !!!

Believe me, my "moules frites" was very good - enough to interest the local wildlife ..

REMEMBER : DO NOT EAT a non perfectly opened "moule" -

Just one not a little fresh mold make you really sick.

So open your eyes ! Judge  the color (lightly yellow or golden yellow depending on the species), the pulp (must complete the shell), and most of all if it is correctly opened or not.

In every dish, there is always that you leave. See my left on the latest photography. That is correct; if it is more, it happens sometimes, ask the waiter to warm the rest. The molds may be closed if they were on the very top of the pan when they were cooked. BUT, if they come back the same way, DO NOT EAT.

THESE PERFECT LITTLE MOLDS were "Bouchot". You can find in Bretagne smaller ones, totally black when titghly closed and with the pulp another yellow. If you are lucky enough to find them, I highly recommend to taste, they're FAMOUS !!!

Little snacks in France, how to get the BEST :

If you are in Lorient or in another place in the country, notice that you could have VERY GOOD snacks for cheap.
For example, you can go to the "boulangerie" and ask for "a baguette"you can fill with very delicious ans FRESH ingredients you would find in supermarket or in boutiques, whatever you like. Or you can order directly your prepared sandwih as "jambon beurre", "thon mayonnaise", "poulet crudités" and so on, depending on the place (région) you are. In South, I highly recommande "Pain bagnat", but only the REAL ONE with tuna, salad and onion, slice of tomatoes. In North, we have the best "frites" you will ever eat ! Buy it directly where you can see owners preparing it in the truck in front of you !

In Bretagne, please notice that - and I will not go overthere - that sardines St George by La Belle-illoise are the BEST !!! you can find it with olive oil, tomatoes but i 'd rather the original ones... Simply the best !!!

For those who prefer meat, please taste "pâté henaff" in their little boxes - some are collectors- you will prepare to a race as Transatlantique...

Do not neglect cooked sellfish on the farmer market. Just add "beurre" and bread. So delicious !!!

AND PLEASE, IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A REAL FRENCH GASTRONOMIQUE DINER, go and ask for a speciality. DO NOT ask for a "moules-frites" if you are not near seaside, you would be deceive. BE A LOCAVORE GENIUS !!!

 Well, you have understand the meaning : RUN AWAY IF IT'S FILTHY !!! Keep it simple and good with FRESH ingredients. RUN AWAY if it's prissy ! Preparation too much kills the taste.


Kouign Amann

Spécialité bretonne


- si tu n'es pas breton, n'y pense même pas !

you would not succeed to do it well.


If you cannot prononce it, just show the PHOTO !!!

To be enjoyed slowly, with a cup of coffee ...