"Bohemian Rhapsody"

2018 10 31

A VOIR ABSOLUMENT! Must have seen !


55 000 - 60 000 !

2017 10 08

55 000 to 60 000 persons answered "yes" we can go to a "live" concert yesterday at night ! It was captured on TV show, phenomenon.

55 000 à 60 000 personnes ont répondu "oui" nous pouvons assister à un concert "live" hier soir ! Retransmis à la télévision, c'était grandiose.


2017 10 07

The live in Paris was GREAT !

Why would you be interested in ?

First because this man is a really good performer. The all audience was dancing in Paris, the all live long !

Second because some songs are multilinguals and musicians are multiculturals : in english with Marina KAYE and in spanish with Kenji GIRAC, others in french, with a perfect diction.

SOPRANO is coming from The Comoros, and lives in MARSEILLE.

"The EVEREST" Tour remains the sales curve of SOPRANO 's albums, symbolized by a mountain to climb, which moves and transforms throughout the concert (fabulous) because it is also life with its ups and downs.
Prepare the candles at home to light up the skies, some passages of the concert are very moving, I do not tell you more. To watch in FAMILY because SOPRANO's songs are "POSITIVE RAPP".

Enjoy !

Le concert de SOPRANO à PARIS était super !

J'ai hâte de voir celui de Marseille !  Ce soir, bougez les canapés ! A Paris, Ils nous ont fait danser toute la soirée ! C'était CHAUD ...

L' EVEREST, c'est la courbe des ventes des albums de SOPRANO symbolisé par une montagne à gravir, et qui bouge et se transforme pendant tout le concert (fabuleux) parce que c'est aussi la vie avec ses hauts et ses bas.

Préparez les bougies chez vous pour éclairer les cieux, certains passages du concert sont très émouvants, je ne vous en dis pas plus. A regarder en FAMILLE parce que SOPRANO, c'est du "RAPP POSITIF".

"A la bien !"

SOPRANO - official site / site officiel - click below

Pierre PERRET : 60 !

2017 09 18

The french singer Pierre PERRET is about to celebrate his 60 years of professional career !

He is a very popular singer, author, poet, singer and very passionnated by fishing in Irish landscapes. He was an actor too. But most of all, he is an inconditional French language lover. Very surprising, sometimes controversial, but always emotional. He is a very Gourmet and a Master in Cooking.

At 80 years old gone, he wrote recipes and slang dictionnary. He is a blogger too. Amazing. Very engaged man, fighting for equality. In Belgium, they have named a school Pierre Perret and he went for the Grand Opening.

Today, i learnt others musicians registered with "les Ogres de Barback" a new version of oldest song written by Pierre Perret, i am so excited to discover this gift from a generation to another.

Les 60 ans de carrière de Pierre PERRET !

Un nouvel album va sortir le 20 octobre 2017, enregistré avec les Ogres de Barback. Vous pouvez écouter les titres en avant-première sur le site des Ogres de Barback.

Un concert salle Pleyel et un film sur france 3 célèbreront aussi l'événement.

RIP Jerry Lewis

2017 08 22

Jerry Lewis is gone. We will miss him. Last time i saw him on television in a french interview, he explained what's happened to him with his body. For us who loved him, he became a hero, a "brave". He made us laugh and cry, but mostly, he changes our mind about the details, and IMAGINATION. With a creative mind, you could be who you would like to be, at least for a moment. The "pantomime" will not be the same anymore.

Jerry Lewis s'en est allé. Nous le regretterons. La dernière fois que je l'ai vu en interview télévisé en France, il nous a expliqué pourquoi son corps était dans cet état. Pour nous qui l'aimions, il est devenu un héros, un "brave". Il nous a fait rire et pleurer, mais surtout, il achangé notre esprit avec son sens du détail, et son IMAGINATION.. Avec un cerveau creatif, vous pouvez être qui vous voulez, au moins pour un moment. La pantomimene sera plus la même sans lui.

My favorite - mes préférés :

"Jerry Lewis - Pantomime Conducting & The Typewriter 1973"

Jerry Lewis "La France est ma 2ème maison" ' Archive INA + Jerry Lewis "Ses problèmes de santé" ' Archive INA

Extracts from / Extraits de : "Tout le monde en parle " animé par Thierry ARDISSON

qui présente la carrière de son invité et l'invite à s'exprimer sur la "neuro-stimulation", technique qui soulève de grands espoirs médicaux pour certains paralysés. Il nous a apporté de l'ESPOIR ! A l'heure du Téléthon, ne l'oublions pas.

Thierry ARDISSON talked about the carreer of his guest Jerry Lewis and then they talk about a new medical technique wich can resolve some paralysis. He brought us HOPE ! When Téléthon will be there once again, do not forget.

Ofelia band

2017 08 09

They are performing in FIL

OFELIA band comes from Wales and performs at the FIL.. I recorded the show last night.

When you come in the Welsh Pavilion, you are greeted by a red dragon, the same one who watches over the entire country in the flag. There are also flowers, daffodils, and a bar. You're in the country, with buddies listening to music. And magic works.

They are gifted, and we slowly move to their pop folk universe. The audience was conquered, we did not want to let them go without a reminder. They made our day : 17 minutes in bonus !

Ofelia band, for this generosity, thank you. I wish you a long and successful career as Mickael Jones did. And please, send me a "VIP" pass when you will play in Bercy !

Ils jouent au FIL

OFELIA band vient du Pays de Galles et se produit au FIL. J'ai enregistré le show hier soir.

Quand vous entrez dans le pavillon gallois, vous êtes accueillis par un dragon rouge, celui-là même qui veille sur le pays entier dans le drapeau. Il y a aussi des fleurs, des jonquilles et un bar. Vous êtes au pays, avec des copains en train d'écouter de la musique. Et la magie opère.

Ils sont doués les petits, et nous entrainent progressivement dans leur univers pop folk. Le public était conquis, nous ne voulions pas les laisser partir sans un rappel. Ils ont assuré ... 17 minutes de bonus !

Ofelia band, pour cette générosité, merci. Je vous souhaite une belle et longue carrière à la Mickael Jones. Et s'il vous plait, envoyez-moi un pass "VIP" quand vous jouerez à Bercy !

Kseniya Simonova + Salvador SOBRAL : "amar pelos dois" in sand !

"Blues en rade" festival 2017

2017 03 26

My love letter to Sandra HALL

2017 03 27

Dear Sandra,

We were very pleased you came to visit us in "Blues en Rade" festival that ended in Riantec.

I was behind the door you opened when you arrived and asked : 

- Is anybody there ?

- You know, it's time changing, people aren't used to ...

You could not see the Mayor of Riantec and municipal delegations of others cities on stage, with volunteers, ready to introduce you. When the man in front of you let you see the full room - and some came with no tickets and had to wait before to know if they could see you performing or not, depending on how much we would be there, finally they could came into too -, when you understood your audience was there, you stepped back a step by emotion and said :

- i must prepare ! and vanished in the air.

We were in a non conventional theater : a school, and when we arrived, we crossed the hall decorated with colored eggs in nests of straw suspended from the ceiling ! That is why your musicians had to regulate themselves some details as lights, too hard for your eyes. 

I will remember your eyes, the eyes of somebody who experimented life and have so much  to tell... I loved your "à la garçonne" hairstyle and your fingers pointed in the public with elegant manucure and golden bracelet will be kept in my mind.

There was something special in the air that afternoon. Your musicians knew about what happened the night before in Locmiquélic and your guitarist pretented to broke a sting you believed in, someone sing "happy birthday Guy" and others jokes took place, the sort of we are pleased to see in comedies played in theaters by the troup on the final day.

You gave us "surprising" acoustic melodies and a memorable dance with a french partner he will not forget ! And what 's about :  "I need three legs !" inviting ladies to dance with you on stage ? The little girl danced with "Bourriquet" from Winnie the Pooh in her arms ... and before leaving, she asked her mother : "quand est-ce qu'on recommence ?" (when will we start again ?)

So, i have to say it too ! And while i am writing this love letter to you, Sandra, i would like to insist that i can ear your melodies in my head and specially the one you told us Otis Redding wrote in your grand'ma kitchen and you wanted to sing the way he wanted to sing it.

 You shared memories with us, so I decided to write to you directly because it is better. Now, i feel like a chick out of the shell.

 Sandra, thank you. We love you.


"Loretta and the bad Kings"

2017 03 26

Imagine a girl with a red rose in her black hair, all dressed in black and white with "escarpins", a shirt tied on the chest, "une jupe crayon" and when you realize she is singing and doodeling, you are captured by her swing. Then suddenly, time is suspended : she is shouting as Janis Joplin i believed she was the only one to know how, and trust me : she is the Boss ! Not only with musicians. Whatever circumstances are, "elle assure" !

Let me tell you the real story of this incredible night. First, the band "Loretta and the bad Kings" started to perform. The public was "hot" only three songs after the beginning when a shut down could interrupt everything. No juice at all. No electrical guitar anymore, no microphones, no ... only a theater in a dark dark atmosphere ... 

What do you think ?

- "remboursés" because of cancelling ? NO.

In the silent - and while the band started to understand the bad luck, we could hear first : "happy birthday to you" - only the first sentence, because others started to clap in hands to follow the rythm and then a choir started to form and grow : people repeated what they heard before.

Loretta said : 

- on joue dans le noir ! (keep on performing) and she started directing our improvised choir lighted by phones and flash cameras. At the end, she applauded us telling : "quel talent !" but SHE IS THE ONE who saved the night from disaster - and we all thanks technicians ! 

Second, a miracle : light came back, and we were very very happy. Some started to dance in the aisles, photographs took to heart these sweet moments, mostly when the guitarist brings us in his fascinating solos !

Third, "l'état de grâce". The show was late, and when finished, the band signed autograhs and talked with people there. In the crowd came a very very young lady, she is not teen, and it was her first "live show" night. She came in with her dad, was in front of the scene and i am the witness : Loretta and her will have a duet on stage one day !


He came to the "blues en rade" festival for the second time, started to play as usual, with talent, but this night, he had to do more : to be real genius, and he was.

Imagine a young man, coming from USA to France by plane. More than 7 hours, in the wrong way for time zones and add a national time changing for "spring time" in our area. You know what i mean ! It was late, and maybe he was a little jet-lagged, nervous but charming even talking about "you're not the one" ! Professional as only american people know how to do that, really, i must say. We learned more later in the evening that the airplane company lost his luggages with in it, of course, his new songs recorded on CD he came with to sell at the end of the performance and to promote his work outside his country without speaking the french language. Dave, if you could read this text, you would not need to : YOU ARE THE BEST ! Come back once again and we will all buy tickets.

I did not mentionned yet that Dave had a very bad luck all day : a sting broke out DURING THE SOLO moment ! The public held its breath ... He managed all right. A bad King of Loretta's band worked to repair Dave's GROSS guitar -while playing another piece. 

Dave has taken over and played - even if it is possible - better : he dropped the moorings and asked "Loretta and the bad Kings" with all musicians of this festival's night to performe with him on stage : IMPROVISATION TOTALE. It was just magical.

Un vrai festival comme je les aime : avec de la fatigue, de la sueur, et l'envie irrésistible de jouer, jusqu'au bout de la nuit, avec les autres, en improvisant, devant un public participatif / A real festival, a one that i love with tideness, sweat, and irresistible urge to play, until the end of the night, with others musicians to improve in participating audience.



You made my day. I hope i could see you all playing on stage once again. Where ever, i will be there for the 10 years anniversary of "Blues en rade" : next year.

Oups ! i captured some of these moments, see you soon on "aquicknotebyisa" chanel on You Tube !

Grégory Lemarchal tribute

Her mother said : mucoviscidose will die before me !

2017 01 08

Gregory Lemarchal was a french singer. We called him "la voix d'un ange". He was sick, really badly sick when he started "La star Academy", a TV show. Week after week, we watched him performing on saturday night, egual to others even everybody knows "il est atteint de mucoviscidose". His voice was "contre-ténor" (six octaves) and he was really a show man. He was on his way to realize his dreams. He won the contest, started to play on stage with others and than alone. He sang. He wrote. When he died, everybody discovered that this sickness was rare and very dangerous, very badly hurting.

And here we are, ten years later. Now, everybody know what is "mucoviscidose" but we did not know that Gregory Lemarchal parents tried to create "une maison" for those who are sick. Yesterday night, people promised to send money. Two millions to help with cares, with love. What i did not know is Greg's mom said : "la mucoviscidose, on l'aura, elle mourra avant moi."

We all are able to die, it is natural. But what are we gonna do BEFORE ? That is all the meaning of our lives.

George Mikaël : R.I.P.

Red Army Choir : R.I.P.

Marchés de Noël

"Brin d'Idées" - Floral decoration

2016 12 03

In PLOEMEUR, i met a "créatrice végétale" - She stabilizes roses and food elements as "pain d'épice" to decorate your "centre de table" for Saint Nicolas or Christmas. She has not only a "brin d'idées" but talent too to succeed ! Look at her dress only made with floral and vegetal stuff (and electrical lights) ! 

"Les Grigris de Grimalkin" Steampunk

2016 12 03

Do you like Tim Burton, Adam's family, Mexican Muerte style, biker's tatoos or "steampunk" ?

If the answer is "yes", you would like to know more but if the answer is "no", think twice. Usually i am not fan but this creative drawings made in colored pencils and chinese ink, i love them really much !!!

Her drawing style is amazing : she could reproduce nature (flowers and leaves) as precise as a scalpel could be. She explained that she mixed her two passions : drawing and botanical experiment.

The Lady is creator of jewelry and i do not want where she could find such stuff as teeth extracts in silver ... Either you like her work or not, you have to see it !

Alix NAUDOT - painter

2016 11 27

Alix NAUDOT is a painter i met this afternoon. On her exhibition stand, i was captured by her wild bird "GEAI BLEU".

ANNIE G., this picture is especially for you !!!

The artist uses medium as acrylics or oil to represent bird feathers or rabbit hair, cow skin and most of all ponies. For Christmas time, she drew horses in watercolors and she put on tiny Santa hats ! You can use theses as bookmarks or for crafting.

She works on a canvas and glue the finish artwork on a wooden support, so she said " i can send my work everywhere in the world ". Avis aux amateurs !

Léonard Cohen - Suzanne (paroles en français)

Leonard COHEN : R.I.P.

2016 11 11

My first vinyl 33 tours - "Live songs - 1973"

i found it in a moving box near a trash can in the street coming back home from school. I was very young and loved singing (the whole day long exactly). Who could be rich enough to put a vinyl in a trash ? I hope i could hear one or two songs.I took home and listen to it

I will never forgot that first time listening to "scratch, scratch" on all the album and even if I did not understood a single word of what he said, HIS VOICE was AMAZING !

I decided to discover the meaning. Went to my bookstore. Argue to get his collection of poems. I was a minor under law. Decided my parents to order for me : "a book in english for school" ... Did not realise that the book was bilingual  edition !!!

That was a long time ago. Things had change but emotion listening to Leonard Cohen stayed equal. After all these years, he left the path but maybe we will meet again in my bedroom for a rendez-vous at night ...

He could come with Suzanne and Queen Victoria - Hallelujah !

MamZelle Green is in Brest too !

2016 11 09

Remember : "Alexandra is "MamZelle Green" and really, she put succulents everywhere you cannot imagine ! These Creations are full of humour and poestry ... She even succeded to capture the necessary water for growing tiny plants in an artistic close glass"

Now in Brest ! and always in Lorient ...

L'Anklou and the Woodcarver

2016 11 06


is a woodcarver. I had the privilège to visit his " Parc animalier en souches de chêne" ("wildlife parc made in oakstrains") as he uses to name his creative work..

Each piece is made with oak and its unique. Its represents animals.

He turns around the subjet with imagination and poestry, and presents each piece to public in a minimalist perfect scene. For each, you can listen to the story.

Sometimes, the public decided the name of the work or uploaded short stories ...

NOTHING TO SELL - This artist is only looking for great places to exhibit. He does not speak other language than french but his wooden language is international !

On the photo, i took "sur le vif", he explained why the mythic Anklou (death figure in bretagne) and him looks like similar.

If you are interested in observe all the little details of his collection, you could see him there :

Salon des arts du Bois - Pont Péan

November 19/20

Quieres bailar ?/ Would you like to dance ? - Put on your ethnic clothes and GO ! - Asturias in Lorient 2016

"10manche et créateurs"

On SUNDAY (dimanche) in LORIENT

2016 09 12

The flyer said "marché artisanal pas banal" : it was.

Let me introduce these creators :

- Caroline sews wonderful multi-size bags in coton, "suedine" or leatherette with pastel or flashy colors you can decline everywhere in your home. Most of the beauty, you can return to half the purse and obtain ... a tiny storage compartment - Very practical for travelers and easy to use. I bought one and she put me a very decorative black pen with her business card ! All perfect in details !

- Alexandra is "MamZelle Green" and really, she put succulents everywhere you cannot imagine ! These Creations are full of humour and poestry. On once she mentioned "please do'nt die" as all beginers used to say to their "babies" ... she has another formula for recycling plastic dolls. She even succeded to capture the necessary water for growing tiny plants in an artistic close glass. Have a cup of tea with me ?

To drink with my juicy lemon crêpe, sitting in recycled chairs... chating with nounours in colored bottle openers caps. You know what i mean.... And blue sky.

DAN AR BRAZ - l'héritage des Celtes "Left in Peace"