2017 May

"Gingembre ice cube"

2017 05 31

To prepare your next vacations or week-end menus with a wonderful fresh ginger root !

With a teaspoon, peel it and grate, then freeze to prepare "ice cubes" of your own you would be able to use in next recipes.

"poudre de perlimpinpin"

2017 05 30

"POUDRE DE PERLIMPINPIN" is THE MUST HAVE OR NOT this spring. Used by Thinker Bell in Disney's movies, children know them very well. President MACRON say it first, fighting against Marine LE PEN on a TV show. And as french performers did with President HOLLANDE, they mixed up with political extracts. KHALED FREAK is one of them.

Let me tell about "fous du roi" and "chansonniers" in France : traditional and authorized "used to".

We appreciate "caricaturistes", always. There is no mistake. It is for "fun" and they say it clear. Sometimes it is very funny, sometimes it is not at all. Public decides. As a singer performing, in a "live", it is another way of understand the purpose.

So, let's talk about reacts

Khaled FREAK created a "parodie", he called "


Since this video is on You Tube channel, 2 515 260 vues are recorded, at the moment i write.

I  saw the comments and notice internautes named "Emmanuel Macron", "Angela Merkel", "brigitte" and "Marine Lepen" left messages. I found that "FUNNY".



2017 05 29

My Valentine's Day photograph is abusively used to sell "anti-radars" by a company i do not want to know anything about. Just let me WARN YOU. Maybe one day you would be concerned by a road accident and you would probably find this NOT "funny" at all !

Ma photo de Saint Valentin est abusivement utilisée par une société - avec laquelle je n'ai rien à voir -, à des fins commerciales pour vous vendre des anti-radars. Je veux vous mettre en garde .Peut-être qu'un jour vous serez concerné par un accident de la route et que vous ne trouverez pas cela "drôle" du tout !

Mi imagen de San Valentín está mal utilizado por una empresa - con la que no tengo nada que ver - con fines comerciales a que venden anti-radar. Quiero ponerlo en custodia .Can ser un día usted estará involucrado en un accidente de tráfico y no la encontrará "divertido" en absoluto!

La mia foto Valentine è abusato da una società - con la quale non ho nulla a che fare - a fini commerciali di vendere anti-radar. Voglio mettere in custodia .Può essere un giorno sarete coinvolti in un incidente stradale e non la troverà "divertente" a tutti!

Bonne Fête Maman !

NAIL ART by TRIBULONS - Just to be perfect on this special day !

2017 05 24

The Beatles - "Yesterday"

Clafoutis report 02

2017 05 2017

Sparing no efforts to provide you the best tips in cooking "clafoutis", i tried another recipe this week-end :

always 1/4  liter of milk, but flour and cornstarch in equal quantity, only one ful egg and egg yolks for the others, same salted butter, same cherries is used in recipe report 01 you could find below (2017 05 15).

No difficulty at all. You would obtain a very good looking dessert as usual BUT more "light" as you would add less sugar. It falled in two parts : cherries and cream side by side !

The original recipe precised : "ajouter UN VERRE de kirsch (meaning  "cherry liquor" in Alsacian language)". I added only HALF and ... i have to warn you : it is a perfect recipe if you would like your guests to stay at home sleeping for a night !

Please notice that i used "burlat" though these are more fantastic just natural. Soon, "SOUR CHERRIES" will be ready and i will not hesitate: the best recipe, ever, "clafoutis grand-mère aux cerises" is coming from Marmiton.

Amar pelos dois in Janoska style

Tomorrow at night :

Nuit européenne des Musées

2017 05 19

Tomorrow night, many museums will open at night. Some have the idea to show their collections in the dark, to visitors enlightened by the flashlights. If you could see a black cat at this time, it would be only reflected by its golden eyes.

In Ancient Egypt, the black cat was devoted to protect. He was the incarnation of the goddess BASTET. Tomorrow would be a good time to see "papyrus" for real with colored drawings in the Egyptian Style.

To prepare your "téléportation", jump into the past in music. A tiny movie clip with Mikael Jackson singing "do you remember the past" would show you how to create an ambiance with disguises.

And remember, in a very famous Restaurant in Paris, there is always a phenomenon egyptian black cat statue available to warding off bad luck if you are scheduled to be 13 guests for a diner. If i could be invited there i would wear a BLACK dress, a very parisian one, before going to the Louvre at night.


"Seconde chance" for BLACK pets

2017 05 18

Do you know that BLACK animals are less adopted than others ?

If you would like to adopt, WHY NOT a black cat or a black dog ? - You could find a new friend as rare and valuable as a jewelry coming from Tahiti ! - Please relay, the association "seconde chance" is trying to help black animals to be adopted like the others.

"sunny sunday"

2017 05 18

The "météo" promised us a "sunny sunday", I AM READY !

"Transats" are OK, "couscous" dish ready, "menthe marocaine"  i've just bought is good looking too.

My old mint apparently did not survive to the last rainy days. That was wrong. It is trying to catch the sun with a tiny green twig, just to say : "hello, is it me you're looking for ?"

Mint loves or not at all the place where you put it, deciding to extend a lot or not at all. The secret is to find a corner near a white wall to reflect the sun in the afternoon and to be sure its roots always wet - but not too much, otherwise they rot -, and mostly well drained. The mint makes the prout and become hugly when too much rain is ... too much ! It could be adapted to cold weather each year with a specific coat of falling leaves. Just let it quietly sleep.

To maintain perfect humidity, "billes d'argile" are recommended when you put it in a flowers pot on your balcony. Just let it on the background, add a natural cotton (a grunge T- shirt would be perfect) to maintain the roots out - it would be your water reservoir - , and verse specific "terreau" (potting soil). Do not forget to drill holes all around at 12 or 15 cm from the background to evacuate the extra water. Holes directly in the background are not so easy. Water would flow directly into the cup and in summer - when it is the perfect moment to pick up, roots would suffer and bye bye "thé à la menthe" or "taboulé oriental" or lemonade and cocktails with cherry tomatoes. You can adapt your flowers pot putting little stones to fill the holes.

Plant and water your mint (whatever the specie is). I will do that AFTER cutting all branches (leaving about 10 centimeters) to eat an homemade "taboulé", in the garden, resting in my "chaise longue" on THIS SUNNY SUNDAY they promise us !

A vespa velutina dying in my kitchen !

2017 05 16

Vespa Velutina came in my kitchen and landed on the ground just now !

I did not recognize first this species but i know well others we call "frelons" and i am not afraid by them. They do not sting when they are not feeling in death danger, are very shy and believe me they would rather deseappear, vanishing in the air, better for them than to struggle with humans !

This "frelon" was dying in my kitchen and i hate that ! i just think to throw away ASAP and catched it with a plastic glass for camping in a hurry and a maintain it prisoner in glass with a chocolate cardboard, trying NOT to be sting !


I AM IN A VERY BAD DEEP ANGER : we do not know where the hive is to destroy all colony ! Well done C...anard (i would be polite) !

Salvador and Luisa SOBRAL - duet

Interview with Luisa SOBRAL

Clafoutis report :

"the Voice" method

2017 05 15

As promise, here are the results of my "clafoutis report".

A blind jury tasted it. Very partial : "gourmets" ! My husband was the President. He is the most experienced : he never says "no" to cakes, biscuits, chocolate, fruits pie and so on ...

Recipes are coming from several papers i classified as "to taste" in my cook book. I chose them because of the variety of ingredients and/or weight for each, thinking that i could use each depending on the day i would have a little bit more of this or that in my kitchen.

"clafoutis" recipes are based on same ingredients : 1/4 milk liter, flour and sugar on egal weight, eggs (in some recipe you would add more eggs than the other so you have to chose if you would rather a "pâtissier" or an "homemade" sort of. The first would need to add baking powder, not the second. Do not thing it would be easy and more rapid in the first, even if the time for cooking is reduced. You could use an electric mixer in both, but the magic transforming of a yellow egg yolk in a perfect white creamy sort of "appareil" to coat your perfect cherries will take its time in both cases. Dark cherries very soft were used.  Butter was "ordinary" for bretons that means "salted" in other places. I love the little something it tastes more ! Cherries kernels were in the dish. The leftovers were tasted the next day.

After many comparison, we learnt :

- pâtissier presents better. It is more regular because all cheries rise to the surface during cooking BUT it separates cherries from the creamy "appareil" so you would have two parts in mouth. On the second day, the fruits colored the cream in purple.

- homemade is more random ! When you are trying to cut, it falls in piece. You would let in cooking dish to present. Each "convive" receive in his plate a fabulus mess BUT it is EXCELLENT SAVOUR IN MOUTH. You would fall back into childhood when you and your brothers or sisters were trying to catch on the trees cherries to put above the ears, wishing to be older enough for not asking permission. On the second day, we ate directly in the dish with spoons.

So, i made my mind. I threw away the recipes "to taste" i did not like the most and now, i am using "the voice" method : recipe is on ejection seat. If a better one will come, i would replace. Because when you are cooking a "clafoutis", you wish it to be perfect, not depending on weight of ingredients you would find in your kitchen on that day. You would only made it if you are sure to be able to obtain the perfect tasting savor you remind of or to show anybody you are a " pro" (professional) !

AMIR: "j'ai cherché",

Marianne James et

Miss Dominique: "Salama ya salama"


Good afternoon Lisbon ! - 2017 05 14

Lisboa is in my mind, and Portugal too. Very lovely places and great people.

Many portugueses speack french and are working or parents and relatives worked in France. Just in case you would like to know what "clichés" exists in France about these women and men, i put the link below to the movie :

"la cage dorée", directed by Ruben ALVES - very funny.

Portugal is very famous in "fado" - MIKA sing in Lisboa.

Please, if you like it, than listen to portugueses way of singing ... as MARIZA.

Travelers, you could discover "fado" in tiny places at night in Lisbon. Sortez des sentiers battus !

MARIZA "gente da minha terra" ( means something like "to my people") - live in Lisbon

A celtic community lives in Portugal. I wish we could meet them during the Celtic Festival in Lorient.

Salvador SOBRAL from PORTUGAL is the winner of Eurovision song contest 2017!

2017 05 14

PARABENS PORTUGAL ! / congrats Portugal !

TODOS EM LISBOA ! / Everybody in Lisbon !

What an incredible night : Portugal winned the contest performing a very sweet song in unique style and told us what LOVE between sisters and brothers means. Salvador is performing but the song was written by his sister and they song it TOGETHER in duet at the end of the show. 42 countries voted. The lyrics are very sweet as "my love ... one can not love alone", very emotional  : our french presentatrice Marianne JAMES (also a wonderful singer) was crying at the end, explaining that this guy is sick and waiting for a heart transplant. I cannot imagine what is going on in the country, so poor last year that they decided not to come to perform to save money for the state and this year, on the same day : winning for the first time in history the european contest and pope Francis in Fatima where the ball drawn on Jean-Paul II was melted in the Crown of thoms of the Virgin that the catholics honor in this place for MIRACLES !

UKRAINE was a very nice place to be this night in front of a small screen tv.

message personnel "SHALOM ISRAEL" - it was a great pleasure "de faire un petit bout de chemin en votre compagnie". We will miss you.

All eurovision song contest winners (1956-2016) - extract from each performances

Salvador SOBRAL " amar pelos dois" - lyrics in portuguese and english (subtitles)

Marché, clafoutis, Eurovision

2017 05 13

An ordinary saturday is starting at farmer's market. This morning i bought : a chiken, potatoes, bettes (chard), carots, lettuce, beans (first time in the season), onions (very big ones to prepare "farcis provençaux), dairy, bread... and delivery of cherries that i had to taste ASAP ! Clafoutis was a good option. In my intend, i would be watching Eurovision song contest tonight, quietly in a big warm old armchair, so a "grignotage" is on. Chiken is ready too (rosted with potatoes in "herbes de provence" in the oven).

Many recipes of clafoutis are in my "super recettes des familles" book. So i tried one, and another. We will have to decide wich one is better. Ingredients are same, but not in same proportions. I will report soon.

I could say i am a "puriste" : keeping the kernel in the fruits during cooking. It helps to smell almonds in final. But it is not easy to eat for those who are well educated because we have to spit, so i reserved it for private diners, or a few rare occasions to challenge. Preparing for formal diners, and without kernels, i add a little kirsch portion to maintain a relaxing atmosphere. As you could imagine, clafoutis are perfect whatever circumtances are, except if at the end of the party, you would slide on a fallen kernel ... trying to catch up with your partner !

Please click below to discover the winner 2017 : Salvador SOBRAL from Portugal ! It is the FIRST TIME in history that Portugal is the winner !

Strawberries in approach !

2017 05 12

The first strawberries are in approach and these ones were "EXCELLENT" !

As you can easily imagine, these are not AT ALL the ones i put in my yard coming from a jardinerie and for whose i chose a "very good place" as recommended. NO. These are little wild i did not take care of ! Coming from unexpected areas. They just told me : "we are red, ready to pick up now" !

Please notice that i passed by without seeing them few days ago ... "Mine", i mean strawberries "de compétition", are not ready at all, not even white buds. They are still in flowers. But this is the best they could have done : frosts every mornings, and they used to be under greenhouses !

Nature is a permanent source of curiosity and inspiration. I love "jardins de curés" where everything can grow on its own rythm. It could make your day ... everyday ! So, be kind with all species and do not put "désherbant" (weed killer), nature will give you more that you are expecting in return. You can never know before where something great will appears !

Eurovision song contest :

surprise !

2017 05 11

SURPRISE ! A proposal during the show ! Please click below to see the video :"Jana Burčeska gets engaged!"

EUROVISION : song contest

MACEDONIA is not qualified for the final but ... the singer said "YES" for the WEDDING !!!

2017 05 11

Tous nos voeux de bonheur aux futurs mariés .. and soon a baby ! Congrats !

Eurovision song contest !

(GOOD LUCK TO ALL : M ... !) 2017 05 11

So HAPPY France to be there !

(Alma "requiem")

My choice : CROATIA

Jacques HOUDEK "my friend"

Love HUNGARY too ! in his native langage,

Joci Pápai : "Origo"


Message personnel to Julia SAMOYLOVA :

"flame is burning" from RUSSIA

"nous avons écouté votre chanson" /"мы слушали вашу песнюmy slushali vashu pesnyu"/ "We listened to your song" (google translate)

8 mai 1945 - 8 mai 2017:


Champs Elysées + Jardin du Luxembourg


Claudio CAPEO "riche"

2017 05 07

Tu seras riche d'un père ... Claudio CAPEO

A beautiful song from Claudio CAPEO, about father to son.


2017 05 06

It is very easy to find whatever you would like to in supermarket. They are really temples of tentation, so powerful to make you forget why you came there, and it is all right for me, i like that. BUT I DO NOT LIKE when they abuse of rewarding packaging that they charge us. I am not the only one to consider as shamefull to find in  "promotional" prices packaging more expensives than the ordinary ones in the same place ! So, on that traditional day of "réappro" for you and family, check this point looking at "prix au kilo" and compare ! You could tell us what you bought on that day in a video and how you would prepare that ...

Please notice that i am waiting for Julie and her mother to prepare "veau marengo". I will tell you more about this in my next post. Bonnes courses !


2017 05 04

Macron vs Le Pen :

tv show tonight

2017 05 03

Many are fed up with this election campaign. You can't go anywhere : which side are you on ? and blablabla ... to  convince you to vote for their candidate. Some are so disgusted that they no longer want to vote at all. Will this debate change anything ?


On sunday at night, it would be clear for everyone. The MAJORITY will prevail because France is a DEMOCRATY.

Snack on the beach

2017 05 02

To escape from "routine", try this recipe :

1/ put crab claws in boiling water added with "fenouil" (frozen fillets leftovers) + 1 oinion sprinkled with cloves (clou de girofle) + pepper sauce as you like.

2/ wait for 10 minutes - drain and let it cold before using lobster fork to empty. Taste with butter and bread in your next picnic on the beach !

Danielle DARIEUX : 100 ans !

Happy Birthday Mademoiselle ! / Bon Anniversaire Mademoiselle !

2017 05 01

Danielle Darrieux "Le temps du muguet" ' Archive INA

Carré Vip - Danielle Darrieux fête ses 100 ans le 1er mai 2017


2017 May


On May 1st, we are used to wish "goodluck and money" sharing "muguet" with people we love. One strand or three are traditional, cut or potted with roots for those who can then plant in the garden. Sometimes offered with roses buttons. Pink for Mademoiselle, red for Madame, yellow or orange for relatives and friends. White is reserved for mourning or prayers.