2017 - June

Festivals !

2017 06 30

C'est reparti pour la vie de festivalier !

Les cigales sont sorties de terre et elles chantent en juillet et en août. Vous savez où me trouver :


sur You Tube !

Festivals time is back !

The cigadas came out of the ground. They will sing in july and august, so, you know where i will be...

To discover what's going on outhere, please join my chanel on You Tube :

"aquicknotebyisa" !

"j'ai le syndrome de la valise"  / suitcase syndrome :La Ruse Dupaire Lafeinte et Xavier Vaupré (Lanvaudan, festival des terres fertiles, 2016)


2017 06 30

"Bénédiction des Coureaux"

Larmor - 2017 06 26


Je peux certifier que le 25 juin 2017 les marins ont respecté les traditions et ceux présents ont été bénis à Larmor lors de la cérémonie traditionnelle locale de "Bénédiction des Coureaux".

Un moment de recueillement a eu lieu en souvenir des naufragés. La cérémonie sur la grève s'est achevée au cor de brume, lancé depuis le bateau des sauveteurs en mer (qui fêtent cette année leur cinquantième anniversaire d'existence) lançant l'appel au retour des banières religieuses, de la Sainte Croix et de la statue de la Vierge Marie en l'Eglise de Larmor où une messe a ensuite été célébrée.


I can attest that on 25 June 2017 the sailors respected the traditions and those present were blessed in Larmor during the traditional local ceremony of "Blessing of the Coureaux", land between Groix island and Larmor (Lorient District).

A moment of reflection took place in memory of the castaways. The ceremony from the shore ended with the fog horn, launched from the sea rescue boat (celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this year), calling for the return of religious banquets, the Holy Cross and The statue of the Virgin Mary in the Church of Larmor where a Mass was then celebrated.

"Ave Maris Stella" for sailors prayers on St John's Day

2017 06 24

Ave Maria Stella

Larmor Plage "bénédiction des Coureaux" - history, in french.

On Saint John's Day, sailors and sailors' women pray for abundant fishing and especially for a safe return to the mainland. On that sunday, it is a special day for people who are living in "ar mor" (the oldest name of Britain means "sea").

Catholics communities in and near LARMOR (district of Lorient) meet by boat on waters to pray for missing at sea and for future sardine fishing season. They call "bénédiction des coureaux" (blessing the waters between Groix and Larmor).

"Ave Maris Stella" is TOP 1 on the playlist for sailors prayers. In the version sung by "The Daughters of Mary" i found on You Tube on "Lyrical-Verse Ascent", it is subtitled in latin and english.

Lovely breakfast !

2017 06 24

Lovely breakfast, isn't it ? A slice of grilled buttered brioche could make your day !

Tomorrow : "Fête de la Saint Jean" and National Holiday in QUEBEC !

2017 06 23

In a small town named Tour-en-Sologne, i registered fireworks. It was "Fête de la Saint Jean", summer party !

"Fête de la Musique"

2017 06 21

The "fête de la musique" is a festive day in all the country. Usually people play music on june 21 to celebrate summer's coming but it became phenomenon and it would continue this week-end, mixed with the "fête de la Saint Jean" (on june 24) !

At evening people are out in the streets to play or to listen music performed by non professionals and virtuoses, everybody can play !

It is my pleasure to introduce you Nicolas SYZ and the SONAM music school i registered BEFORE the show ! Please notice that there is too very young in the band, learning for more experimented musicians how to do ... in "live" in the streets with public all around while performing ! They tried to be discret in rehearsal but i heard them !


President MACRON - in english

Work in progress : Summer grooming !

Sorry for unpleasantness...

2017 06 14 + 2017 06 17

I hope you wil not mind too much to upset your habits, but i am preparing a NEW LOOK for my blog. Before summer is the best moment, isn't it ?

Actually, I am trying to decluster older posts and organize them : BIG work !

Today i add a link to a video : Richard NUNNS (Maori music) - please see on "Few hours in Paris" (2017 06 17)

And preparing others NEW surprises, you will discover SOON ! Have a nice day.

"live jelly cam" : to discover jellyfish from all angles without risk ! Amazing.

"Coral reef cam" : perfect for this night, i love the music very relaxing repetitive music.

The camera in the basins is a good idea. Fishes do their best to swim elegantly in front of you (or not). Hoping to fall asleep quickly !

Monterey Bay Aquarium in "live" after midnight

2017 06 16

Breakfast in PARIS !

2017 06 14

I've just left the "Kitchen" in the parisian hôtel  i slept. I cannot resist to tell you... morning business stories.

I was quietly installed to drink my coffee when i saw him : a surfer who would become older and started to play rugby ! He was wearing kaki shorts revealing the black hairs of his legs above his tennis socks that contrasted with other men in the room, starting informal business talks ! The other guys there adopted the  "séminaires d'entreprise" french dress code : casual cream or navy pants, cotton shirt (usually long-sleeves but in case of hot weather : 25 °C and more in Paris, short sleeves are highly recommended), no tie outside of official meetings, and elegance in comfortable shoes, either brown, caramel, grey or navy blue or black leather.

To be perfectly complete, the business woman dress code is more subtile but set pants is a good value to be "in" anytime, mostly in navy blue, matched with a pretty top - white is Number One in summer -, and enhanced by a jewel without any value (except engagement rings).

But in the morning in the hotel, you can meet night owls too... and there was a pin-up, in short dress with seguins that i supposed was coming "home" after a night party !


Few hours in Paris !

2017 06 14 + 2017 06 17 (NEW VIDEO)

I visited the exhibit " la pierre sacrée des maori" at Musée du Quai Branly Jacques Chirac - Please click below to discover the exhibit (in french, automatical translate) + "Dr Richard NUNNS playing the pūtōrino"

"Richard Nunns uses Maori music therapy to overcome his battle with Parkinson" - on marae tv :

interview and subtitles in english

In this video, we learn the story of Richard NUNNS.

To be continued

Cristina CORDULA

2017 06 12

Cristina CORDULA gets married in a beautiful orange yellow dress with peonies in CAPRI. At night, the Queen of the fashion dress code wore a white embroidered short dress with a long tulle skirt. "MAGNIFAÏK !"

All our wishes of hapiness to the newlyweds !

June is the perfect month for the emergence of butterflies

2017  06 11

Please, remember these names : Lisandro CUXI, Vincent VINEL, Lucie, and Nicola CAVALLARO. There were the finalists of "The Voice" and they offered us a very high lever performances show !

Lisandro CUXI is THE WINNER at only 17, and performed perfect with his coach Matt POKORA. He tried to catch the trophee years ago when he was a "kid voice" but did not succeeded. The transformation is magnificent. Matt promised him to learn how to manage with singing AND dancing on stage. He really did. "Cry me a river" was phenomenon.

Mika coached Vincent VINEL. This guy is born to sing and play music. He is a performer. I could not imagine someone to sing QUEEN so  great ! He started playing piano in railways stations, where you could find piano to use for free. You would see an EMINEM song "Lose yourself", clicking below. Vincent, you are UNIQUE and we love you !

Lucie was studying to be a lawyer and when in the USA to study. She came back with a breathtaking vocal technique and she tryied to win the prize, coached by Florent Pagny,  performing "New York New York", you would not miss.

And Nicola CAVALLARO is a wonderful sicilian singer who came to play with us in french langage. He was a soldier and Zazie has allowed him to deploy his wings as a singer, and the french public is in love with him. His song "Caruso" was a masterpiece. The beginning of something new in his life.

To be honest, we are in love with all the members of this 6th season. EXCEPTIONNEL !

Vincent VINEL - live - Eminem "lose yourself"

Flowers from Vannes

2017 06 08

The flowers always show us the right path, the one of resistance in the face of adversity. Look at this yellow flower in the wall, how it succeeds to grow and flourishing ! Just a tiny corner of its own and the desire to enjoy the beautiful days. The hortensias take advantage of the earth to become blue, the chardons holds water and coquelicot deploys a day and prepare for the futur as the same time. Others, i do not remember the name yet are just ... beauty !

Leonard Cohen - "Hallelujah"

2017 06 07 + 2017 06 08

Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley and Duo Amalia : My top list for the song "Hallelujah"

Just discover today " Hallelujah'(Russian).The Voice Kids Russia 2016.Artem/Julia/Marsel/Xenia" - What a wonderful "adaptation" !

Homemade Sketchbook - part 02

2017 06 07

To make the "book", i finally used 3 signatures (10 to 12 enveloppes in each).

Inside an enveloppe, i discovered by opening the message : "recyclez-moi" (please recycle), that is exactly what i am proud to do !

The clasp is made with an oyster shell found on the beach. I trained myself like little girls of RAIPONCE to braid a long black woolen mat to wrap around the sketchbook to close...

Despite the help of pliers to hold during sewing, the result was "approximatif" ! So, i used a magic decorative tape to hide and embellish. I am sure you understand what i mean. Junk, isn't it ?

Ready to collect collages from magazines to inspire ! Perfect for catching small daily details to include in others projects !

Please notice that project was inspired by youtubers that i thank for sharing their knowledge and experience of stitch binding.

A rainy "Lundi de Pentecôte" !

2017 06 05

Many people in France are not working the all day long, some had three days "off" from business. After a very warm month of may, june is under degrees ! Sweaters are required ... and it is RAINING !

So, it is a perfect day to prepare "croissants au jambon" i used to eat in Paris, bought in a very tiny "take away" shop in "Les Halles". You could choose "nature" or "avec champignons". Either one or the other, be sure you would have find a very tasty "croissant" and a master piece of "jambon", to taste with your fingers and to delivery a creamy and stringy piece of cheese. Not "a" cheese but some perfect "Emmental" or "Comté" cheese to upgrade the taste of the "sauce béchamel". I would have traveled kilometers in the Metro to chew in and i did ! On a sunny day, i would sit down in the center mall and listen to "live" free show performed by beginners singers and musicians. They usually sold their "vinyl" there and dedicated them to the public. How could these times be so far away ?

Live in MANCHESTER tonight !

To see the concert : "one love Manchester", tribute from Ariana Grande and friends, please click below.

2017 06 04

Homemade Sketchbook - part 01

2017 06 02

Recycling used standard enveloppes and cardboard from a biscuit pakaging ...in a sketchbook.

1/ Cut cardboard just enough to open

2/ Enjoy acrylics painting ... and let it dry

3/ With hot glue, glue flaps and cut each corner

3/ cut enveloppes - up and down - to open


4/ prepare sheets (i would try with 4 or 5 enveloppes each)

5/ with needle and thread, just create the book : magic !  i will put on 4 holes in the middle of the enveloppes and just tie wool thread 2 by 2 with the cardboard.

6/ DECORATE before sketching in black permanent felt. I will probably add some watercolors pencils during drawing, but i do not know yet.

to be continued on 2017 06 07