2017 02 28

Mardi gras t'en vas pas, f'rai des crêpes ... et t'en auras !

MARDI GRAS is the perfect day for "crêpes", "blinis", "gaufres", "bugnes", "merveilles" or whatever with eggs, flour and milk gilded in a pan or fried ...

I am preparing my traditional recipe of "crêpes" i shared with you on my first posts !

In DUNKERQUE, after 3 days celebrating, the Carnival is ending and they remeber sailors that would soon be far away, going to Iceland fishing cod, herrings and halibuts, so they sing traditional male choirs.

To be in the mood, you could watch the film " 30 ° couleur" about a man who come back in his family - because his mother is dying - in Martinique ... during the carnival.

MARCH is coming soon !

2017 02 26

DAFFODILS are on the run ...

Do the daffodils means something for you ?

Clues : a red dragon, a celtic costume ...


Paname, on arrive ! by Slimane

2017 02 25

Donald won't be there ! But you could see Minnie and Mickey at the Eiffel Tower ... i wish i could be there too.

Slimane wrote this song after ... Josephine Backer.

ENJOY - Paris 2024

AUGUSTE RENOIR, born on 1841 02 25, painted dancing parisians in "Dance in Le Moulin de la Galette" ... but TODAY it is CARNAVAL in RIO !

Bonne Fête Isabelle !

2017 02 22

This is MY day ! So to enjoy with a cup of coffee, i will prepare a cake : "gâteau au yaourt".

Mix togheter with electric mixer :

1 yaourt (natural perfume or vanillia one) - Keep the yoghurt pot to measure next ingredients :

2 sugar pot,

3 flour + 1 sachet de "levure chimique" (paquet rose),

+ the juice of a lemon,

1 sunflower oil,

20 cl of liquor or 1 or 2 teaspoon of liquid vanillia,

When the miw is perfectly creamy, put in a cake mold and in mini oven : 40 to 50 mn - 210 C° -

I do not pre-hot my oven , i like it to cook more slowly and more longer than usual, i do not like the black crust you obtain when you start at 230 C° and slow down at 180 C°.

You could add coconut, hazelnuts, lemon bergamot (prepared same way for the bûche or roulé) if you like it too, than add more liquid to obtain the creamy dough. It's up to you !

"DZUD" in Mongolia

2017 02 17

In Mongolia, there is an extreme cold climate following an extreme hot summer. They call "dzud" this climatical phenomenon. Is it coming from global warming ?

Even if this did existed before, it used to be once upon a time each 12 years, became each 4 years and now this year following last year.

Animals are dying, it will be worst in spring when babies animals will come because females would not be able to feed themselves and babies - human are in the same lost : 1/3 people living there depends on herds to eat.

What could we do ?

The Red Cross is calling for international help.

Each of us could be aware about global warning, we have to be responsible of our way of life. What is happening in Mongolia may be a step higher in disaster, we do not know, so as grand-ma used to say :

- turn off the light when you do not need, and saves water.

If we all work togheter against boiling climate, we could win.

Valentine's story :

the shrimp and her crab

2017 02 15

Once upon a time, there was a crab and a shrimp in love. On Valentine's Day the crab said :

- YES ! i agree to meet your parents

- But it is impossible you know that my parents would not accept in family somebody who could not move straight, said the shrimp

- Do not worry, i promise i will walk in straight line as you do in shrimp's family

- oh i am so in love with you, i hope we could get married !

So was said was done. The shrimp was so enthusiastic by her lover that she asked him for another formal reception with shrimp's friends

- Ah NON !  that means NO, NO, NO ! i do not want to become an alcoholic crab !

Happy Valentine's Day !

2017 02 14 - Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day


2017 02 12

1200 bat species in world, 22 in Bretagne and 700 bats "at home" in a church, in a little town in morbihan named Kernascleden. When they discovered, they decided to protect and to observe, than they created an "amikiro" association (nickname for chiroptera's friend). Now you can visit the museum dedicated to bats.

In "La maison de la chauve-souris", the museum is unique in France, you would learn to recognize species and their ways of life. Mostly hunt on our territory in the past, because of frightening and unknowned, bats are fascinating.

Many stories about them, drawings since Dürer, movies with Batman Heroe, music with "la chauve-souris " by Johann Strauss son, and comic tune by Thomas FERSEN.

In China, they are good luck charm. According to me, they are the best "anti-moustiques" in the world ! A bat will not hurt you, learning to know them is the best way to love them. And when you are not terrified anymore (between us, their skeleton would be able to compete with "Jurassic Park" monsters in a smaller world), you could notice that the nose of some species is a horseshoe-shaped, so cute !

Rugby : Eric MILROY tribute and "allez les petits !"

2017 02 11


The "Mémoire de Rugby" Association organize a tribute to rugby players coming from Scotland, Whales and Eire and who died in France, while world war I.

Eric MILROY was captain of Scots and died in Somme in 1916. The association would like people to remember that many young sportmen went and did not come back.

So, kilts parade and celtics songs are on the menu before coming to Paris on SUNDAY for the game : FRANCE/ECOSSE. We could see it on France 2 television at 16 :00.

And i would like to say, as Roger COUDERC uses to yell :


Eric BOGLE - born in Scotland, living in Australia - sang on Lorient Festival 2016 : "The green fields of France"

Whatever the winner will be on sunday, i hope to see brandishing the Eric MILROY TRophee in Paris.

Freezing on saturday while i am waiting for "12 C°"

2017 02 11

Yes, i would like to paint my house and i need "12 C°" to start ! The "mode d'emploi" insists on it.

So, what could we do this week-end ?

Cinema seems a good option with many new movies to see.

Brocantes are on and it is always funny to look for ... nothing expected ! A real "chasse au trésor" ...

Cultural visit ?

I will let you know ...

Just notice that i made "vieille" once again (this is a fish) and this time it was really great. I will post soon on page "cuisine" !

Wherever you are, have a great day !

Waiting for spring !

2017 02 09

With a small shy sun, we are all waiting to go outside. We would like to smell flowers and to walk in a yard with bare feet, mostly when we are hearing birds singing and coloring themselves with beautiful colors for nuptial parades.

Wake up ! We are in FEBRUARY, a month to experiment crêpes, bugnes, butter, sirop d'érable, honey and everything that could be great to be warm at home and outside : flanelle, pilou-pilou, wool and "doudounes" ! But we could chose the colors suiting our mood, and zapping on tv, we could decide to be : "HAPPY".

You can imagine i will put that on my Valentine Day 's PLAYLIST, and this one from Zazie too ...


"Saint Valentin" promises ...

2017 02 05

Wherever you  look around in town, you can see "Saint Valentin" promises ... On February 14 th !

What would you do if your lover offers you "a fern baby" on that special day ?

I suggest you to watch : "How to lose a guy in 10 days", a film directed by Donald Petrie, with Kate HUDSON and Mathew Mc Conaughey.

A comic book was the original of the script, drawned by a lonesome lady !

And most of all, on THE Superbowl Day, do not miss :

"i 've got tickets !" ...