April 2017

Let's talk about movie !

2017 04 30

It was by a clear day, i've just arrived in Berck-plage, a little town in the north of France, well-knowned by the international competition of kites. On that day, i did not recognize the places i knew before : all was changed to recreate another year to shoot a film in natural and reconstitued settings. At a turning corner in the street, i saw a famous actress : Julie DEPARDIEU. She was wearing a typical "après guerre" dress with nude legs and she was round the corner to wait for a man to talk to him. She was joyful and i tought that the story could be not only sordid.

In town, it was very busy everywhere. I learnt that all the people in the village were invited to come and to play in the film : young, and old. The producers just wanted all to be real : everybody was wearing clothes of the past and act as in the past. The decorators made "faux vrais" (false but real in the past) for shops and public work contractors were asked to redo the crosswalks. How could they know ? They had photographies people around gave them to study. Youngs and oldest met and talk about their family's stories in History I

The director, Jean-Jacques Zilbermann, told the story of his mother and friends. Every year they met in the same place they loved for few happy days together and learning about the horror of their past, because they're still alive after being "déportées" in DACHAU, we understand why insignifiant things as sharing a meal together are so important. At the end, you would see them for real in a short moment. They clink "a la vie !" and that is the tittle of that french movie. I just wanted to tell you about it on the Memorial Day of the Deportees. And i would like to say that at the end of the movie the audience was HAPPY and that is a very important detail.

"casual" wearing next summer ?

2017 04 27

By dressing "casual" this morning, i realized my next summer could be painfull wearing WITHOUT ... ALL I HAVE IN MY CLOSET !

Underwears in coton - not french,

viscose and coton for Tshirt and leggings - not french,

no silk of course - not french,

no more alpaga sweater to travel - not french,

whool jacket - authorized under control

BILAN : if i could be a working girl 100% "french", i would go outside only wearing boots in leather (but natural colors, dyeing in not french) and waxed in recycled plastic bottles. Yellow would be perfect. As my smile. I could go on with my make up, but forget roses in perfume.

To be skinny on the beach,

would you like to taste

a new presidential diet ?

2017 04 26

Snacking tonight, i was wondering what my little menu would look like WITHOUT non-french ingredients !

Starters recipe :

Add olive oil coming from Italy to avocado coming from Colombia and grapefruit from Florida. Prepare breton shallot and provençal basil to mix with. Salt coming from guérande as you like. Do not add imported pepper.

Main : in a "crêpière", when butter is hot,  put a slice of norvegian salmon in a "crêpe". Taste it hot.

Dessert : kiwi from New Zealand


If we were today on MAY 14th, the last day of the President's term, and if Marine LE PEN could be the Présidente de la République, i would be hungry and angry tonight. She wants :

consommer français !

So, tonight It would let me eat only a "crêpe" added with shallot and basil in salted butter !

Please, notice that it would be difficult to prohibit an homemade "crêpe" on the menu in Bretagne where this french spécialité is born.

We could prepare to send crêpes to Paris and to all "régions" in France. No problems. Especially if we all raise our chiken to  harvest our eggs. "grippe aviaire" will be stopped at the borders, as foreign people would be too : Marine LE PEN would authorize only 10 000 per year before changing our constitution.

OUT of Europe, there will be no more "quotas laitiers" ! Farmers will be able to produce all milk they want in an intensive way. Vegetarians and lactose intolerants are in a minority... Who would care ?



I love my "5ème République", even if it is not perfect. Our grand-fathers built it for us to live in a peacefull country. Whatever circumstances were, it managed all right. They had accumulated all their knowledge acquired after several world wars, the great economics crisis, and many tests as "l'alternance" between the President and the Prime Minister.

N'aurions nous rien appris ?/ Would have told us nothing ?

Piggy bank and pareo

2017 04 26

Soon it will be May. Many of us wish to go elsewhere. My travel bag is quite ready to go for the next trip ! I will tell you more in another post, i am in a hurry ... CARS on the menu !

Each year, at this ending april month, i start to put some money in my piggy bank, to pay for ice creams and others little "extras". Easy to throw in tiny pieces of money at the end of the market each week.

Considering to go to visit our european neighbors before we would be obliged to ask for a permission after we would quit a peaceful land we were at the beginning to build ...

"I came home without you ... in my heart for ever"

2017 04 25 - Xavier Jugelé Tribute

Frédéric CHOPIN - Funeral March (piano)

Our next french President de la République is one or the other !

2017 04 24



Click below to see the report by "Euronews"  : results (1st tour) - in french -

Lézard des murailles

2017 04 23

Hello, do you recognize me ? I am a very good friend for gardeners - even if you are afraid by me - Next time you will see me, please be kind. And if  you do not know me and my way of life, see you soon on the page "animals" ! There is a very nice exhibit in Blois about snake and others in Museum d'histoire naturelle.

See you soon !

Crossing borders in american cars

2017 04 20

If you wish to see for real the famous cars you can see in american movies, or if you are a biker in love with Harley Davidson, the Matra Museum in Romorantin was made for you ! But if you are not concerned at all but kids would like to see fantastic machines roaring, you would learn a lot you did not even dream of !

All photos and drawings are allowed !

On the first flour, you will see the exhibit made to celebrate American soldiers in Loir-et-Cher who came here during world war one. You will see a canadian rescue and a french girl with the bikes they used to help. At the end of the war, bikers change the appearance of these engines, trying to repair bikes to use in their civil life. This is how customization was born ...

Did i mentioned : "Hot Road" ? Races of Formule 1 ? Prototypes ? Electric bicycles ?

All explains are is in french and english, and sometimes you just have to see mock-ups to understand the purpose.

To be continued on the page "Loir-etCher" - WORK IN PROGRESS

Gary's family in Australia

2017 04 19

"Rendez-vous en terre inconnue" : 10 YEARS, Happy birthday ! For that special event, they chose to do something particular. The concept is to get in touch with people french did not know anything about because we are differents in our ways of life. Twice a year, a V.I.P. is taken away from his/her home by the team. Frédéric Lopez is the confidant. This time, Cristiana REALI, a very famous actress in France, had a very difficult challenge to face.

For the first time in the history of the show, they went to share the history of people who are like us, living a modern life with all accomodations but a dream to come true : they hope their lives would become better LEAVING  "civilization" WITHOUT knowing ancestral basics of surviving in a wild world. All is to discover and to learn. That is how the show began. Very soon, Cristiana Reali realized that there is a problem.

Did you see "Gran Torino", the movie directed by Clint Eastwood ?

If yes, you would have an idea on what the problems are. The salvation is to go away with children, lover and aunt to discover the glorious past of Worrora tribe in beautiful spaces we all wish to visit one day. Gary is the father and he is a ranger . His son too. They love nature and really, i wished for them they would succeed to create their "outpost". If one day they rent rooms, i am on the list !

During preparatory research the television team made before going, they found a "trésor" : a film in black and white shot where the Worroora lived and it was very emotional tense when they showed it to the family. They could not believed it : all legends about these strong people they are belonging to were real life ! In the report, you can see exactly where the ancestors were, how they looked like and what they do. So, the turn that this adventure took was unexpected. The team and the family went to ancestors places, even the most spirituals for Aborigines. They filmed a child putting his hand on the hand drawn on the rock by the most oldest designers of the world ! We heard about mythics and saw mostly famous places for this tribe. Do not miss this opportunity to travel in time and space.

Cristiana Reali said : I AM A WITNESS, i would like to talk about what they are trying to do to in their "outpost"

Usually, the people we learnt about return to their traditional lives they are trying to preserve and us to a different separate one. But this time, i really wish Gary and his family will post videos on You Tube once or two by year, when they will come back in town for merchandising, to explain to us what their new life looks like and how they are surviving. Maybe one day or another the accumulated sum of their experiences in wild life - where you have to face aligators and sharks, lack of mineral water and so on - could be our salvation too.

Message personnel to Gary : we heard you in France, at the other end of the world !

Frédéric Lopez said he wishes this film to be seen on australian television. Is that a boomerang ?


Gary Umbagai two years before "Retour en terre inconnue", on televison 2017 04 18.

Aunt Heather , 5 years before - cf : "The silent tragedy of profound loss" by Russell Skelton in "The Sydney Morning Herald" - 2012 04 19

Happy Easter !

2017 04 16

Easter lunch menu :

- Asperges violette,

- Pâté de Pâques, salade de mâche en vinaigrette,

- melon (first of the year)

My own "pâté de Pâques" (also named "pâté berrichon) was prepared the day before (as usual) to serve. The recipe in english is on the page "Loir-et-Cher" + une vidéo en français par un Chef.


2017 04 15

In a small town named "Bécon-les-Granits" you would find a museum. Unexpected : all about granits. It is only opened in july and august + "journées du patrimoine" (september), but all around the place, you would see specimen. Notice that you could visit "hors saison" by calling directly to book your day to visit if you are coming with a group (more than 10). I discovered "par hasard" but be sure i will come back with gouaches to train my "faux" painting. You can walk and discover "carrières" in the country around (6 km).

And "le lilas est en fleur", means that ... you can plant potatoes. There will be no "gelées" to ruin your gardening work.

RIP Emma Morano (117 years old)

2017 04 15: RIP Emma MORANO (117 years old / 117 ans)

RIP to the oldest woman in the world / Adieu à notre doyenne de l'humanité.


2017 04 14

Today is "vendredi saint". During four days, Easter is on the menu. Everywhere in France you can celebrate, whatever your religion is. On that friday, you would find fishes everywhere. Catholics do not eat red meat on that day and for others it could be superstition or habit.

On saturday, sunday and "lundi de Pâques" (férié), you could celebrate and enjoy : brocantes, bicycles races, and festivals. Many people will be on the road to see family or to enjoy four days "off". Boulangerie et pâtisseries will be on first step : chocolates, gâteaux de Pâques, everything you can put eggs in or on it will be on showcase. In oldest times, people did not eat eggs during 40 days before Easter, so when the day arrives, they were very creatives ! Some "spécialités" could be eaten only in this days. Enjoy !

A world in colors

2017 04 13

This world is a perfect place for watercolors painters or photographers or smelling good lovers, or gardeners,  or both. I forgot it last days, when everything was in black or grey tones. In an horror pictures news. But the beauty could be all around us. We need to share it.

BE CAREFUL if you see this plant !

atención a que tenga cuidado si usted ve esta planta ! SOYEZ PRUDENTS si vous voyez cette plante !

2017 04 11


vous pouvez souffrir de problèmes respiratoires, brûlures qui apparaissent plusieurs heures après - même sans contact direct -

attention aux enfants qui jouent avec les graines et aux chiens (dans le pelage)

Si vous en avez dans votre jardin,  enlever la racine et évitez la dispersion des graines. Jetez à la poubelle, ne compostez pas !

Changez de vêtements et prenez une douche après.


You may suffer from respiratory problems, burns that appear several hours later - even without direct contact -

Watch out for children playing with seeds and dogs (in the coat.

If you have it in your garden, carefully remove by extracting the root and avoiding the dispersal of the seeds. Lock up in garbage and throw away, do not compost !

Change clothes and take a shower when the job is done.


usted puede sufrir de problemas respiratorios, quemaduras que aparecen varias horas - incluso sin contacto directo -

atención a los niños que juegan con las semillas y los perros (en la piel).

Si lo tienes en tu jardín, remueva con cuidado mediante la extracción de la raíz y evitar la dispersión de las semillas. Guarde bajo llave y tirar a la basura, no compostar !
Cambiarse de ropa y tomar una ducha cuando el trabajo está hecho.

A lunchtime in a "jardinerie"

2017 04 11 - work in progress

25 °C in Lorient, means 78 F°. HOT. Sunny. A perfect day to discover my next new "potager". I've been living here for less than a year, everything must be done !

It was really fantastic to imagine which plants will be able to grow perfectly in my garden. Not to be "débordée", i chose some little projects. First one, i succeeded, is to put a lavender in place. Two lavenders. "Dutch" lavender and "officinalis". The first is very easy to recognize : when you look at from above, you can clearly see a cross. it is blue. The "lavande officinale" is more green and it is the ONLY ONE you could eat (phenomenon on ice cream or burned creams you would like to "home made" in summer. Or to put in a fresh glass of drink, "un petit goût de vacances en Provence" !

The "officinalis" lavender is setteled down near a stump of a cut tree with white stones around to make it as hot as possible even by cloudy days. It needs sun in summer and can not stand having roots in a pool of water. You cut the stem with flowers when the flowers curl up and dry. When you have no bees in your lavender anymore, just before the fall, at the end of august, the moment is come. You can use it, when flowers are perfectly dried, in pillows to perfume closets. Usually, it does not freeze. So, even if you can only see brown sad branches next year at the end of winter, wait ! You could see a tiny green shoot to emerge from the ground some weeks later.

A new week : new shoes

2017 04 10

Does changing my winter boots for gardening ones make a difference ?

Tina TURNER - Peace Mantra

"Retour de Marché" : coming back from farmer's market

2017 04 08

22°C at home in Lorient. I never saw "muguet", "tulipes" and "héllébores" well opened in same time ! Everybody is gardening in a hurry all around : only two days before some "cold" weather (?!?).

Spring recipes on menu at farmer's market this morning. I followed the instruction :

- fenouil : to eat the root and to freeze the haulms ("fanes") to put in the next fish cooked in oven ("papillottes"),

- bettes : to crush as a chocolate bar to get off filaments on the white part of the plant (recipe on page "cuisine" soon),

A man came with an idea of cooking, we arranged the recipe for him.That's farmer market !

Coming from my basket, there was (names in french) ...

Vespa Velutina / Galicia !

2017 04 07

Vespa velutina en GALICIA

The authorities are concerned to equip rescue workers who are not beekeepers.

Galicia, las autoridades competentes para equipar a los equipos de rescate que no son apicultores 

VIDEO on the "animals" page

video on los "animals" (animales)

Waiting for "Pâques" and ... ???

2017 04 07

8 letters in a single word. Would you find it ?


"Muguet", the 1st !

2017 06 04

For those who are under snow, i sympathise. To avoid a psychological shock, i choose to transform in black and white this picture. The "muguet" is blooming ONE MONTH EARLIER  than in usual years !

In France, it is synonymous of "good luck". The most popular one is coming from Nantes under label "muguet nantais". You usually offer "un brin de muguet" on May 1st. But i could not miss to report this essential good news : HAPINESS is on the run !

Harriet's nephews

2017 04 05

In a "brocante" yesterday i found a "trésor" (i did not buy, it was too much expensive) : a ring binder coming from 50's, made in a brown jute cover, with old fashioned green cards inside, with postcards and black and white photographs, well classified, with tittles written by hand in black chinese ink. It was woman's writting, the sort of a teacher could have been.

The trip started in 1954 by a voyage in Monaco. On the first page, you could see the creator of the album, a lady, all dressed in black with long skirt and covered arms below a very big aloe vera from Botanic Gardens. This picture of Harriet's niece is the only one. I supposed she travelled with her husband who took pictures at each stop. She bought the postcard with the map on each. In black and white picures in these years, if you did not wait enough time or if something moved, the photos was fuzzy and you could throw it away. I suppose Harriet's nephews were not rich because they did not spoil a single one. I know because i counted : exactly a film in each part !

Each year from 1954 to 1960, they spent ten to fifteen days on the road. You could follow them by the route. Many towns crossed and only one highlighted in red by pen : where they stopped to take THE picture they will cherish with memories for the rest of their lives.

They were french and decided to explore each part of the country from south to north. They were probably "bretons" and kept the nearest for their older days. The aventure stopped in Normandie in 1960. This year, and it was the only one, Harriet's nephews stopped in a "auberge" to rest and she cutted of the small printed photos from the flyer of the company to glue with their own ones. She kept the phone number. They wished to go back there.

I supposed they were just retired when they started their road trip. If it's true, they would be about 60 years old in 1954. So they were probably born under " Third Républic" ! WAOUH ! And then, History splashed in my eyes ! I watched very carefully what interested them. Guess what ? i recognized some places i walked by ...

The places they were interested in were the same that i could have taken in picture to remember. The only differences is that their pictures are in black and white and mine would be in colors but i could transform them with an editing software or directly with my camera. No, the real difference is that they took architectural picture with NO ONE around either we would take a "selfie" or we would crowd the crowd. In our societies, we share intimate moments and forgot them queekly, in the past they wanted to keep it for a long time and maybe to transmit it to another generation. I had received the message ! Nothing extraordinary but important to remember. Not much but enough to be understood.

When i closed their little road trip book, i had the impression of living friends. Thank's for the joy you bring Harriet's nephews !

If i were Ingall's, i would prepare an apple pie

2017 04 04

Grey skies, bad news, you know what i mean. How to find the strengh to carry on ?

If i were Ingall's, i would prepare an apple pie. It seems to solve all problems. Or going in wild with Mike HORN. Laure Manaudou tried and learnt a lot. I choose the first option.

ICELAND and Europe ?

Discovering Iceland in music

2017 04  03

Asgeir : "going home" + cover "the sound od silence" (i put on the link to the original from 1964 by Simon and Garfunkel too)

"MORUE" in french !

2017 04 03

Take care, "morue" in french could be insulting.

At the restaurant, if the server ask :

- la morue, c'est qui ?

Do not answer. The appropriate answer is :

- la morue, c'est POUR qui ?

In the first sentence, you are a bad girl. In the second, you are a Lady ordering a succulent fish from iceland.

Easy to prepare, even for or with kids. Click on the link below to discover.

"tartiflette printanière"

2017 04 02

Spring is there. Last chance for "tartiflette" ? Yes, but not "une" tartiflette, i suggest "THE" tartiflette in springtime looking ...

Once upon a time, there was a gardener under the sun smelling very yellow goodlooking flowers named "pissenlit". Greenleaves as "salade" seems to be. Dandelion is the plant of knowledge, the one you will see on the cover of french dictionnary. The oldest used to eat it. I did not tried before because youmust find very clean one. Not the ones near the roads where gasoline went on ... and this year, i have some in my yard ! So i prepared "tartiflette"of my own and add "pissenlits" as final touch. I will put the recipe on page "cuisine".

"poisson d'avril !"

2017 04 01

APRIL 1st : "poisson d'avril" !

Just in case you would like to try ...

On a white paper, draw with a black felt pen a stylistic form of a fish, cut with cissors all around (kep all in only one piece) and prepare the hook with tape.

When you will find the perfect body (buddy that will be no longer anymore) to put on discreetly, be hypnotic - as the snake in Disney cartoon - saying "aie confiance ..." or be a magician : divert your victim attention !

I tried this one on my mother before she went to a farmer market in town. When she came back i asked what's about today ?

- Oh, it was nice. Everybody was friendly with me when i queued up. Someone proposed me to take his place before to be served. Everybody salute and wish me a good day. "Il y avait une bonne ambiance ce matin au marché !"

She saw the fish AFTER, when she put off her jacket. I would not tell you more. It's up to you !

Poisson d'avril dans la presse française !

Thomas Pesquet photographer