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2017 MARCH 

2017 February

Yuksek x  Thomas Pesquet

2017 02 03

YUKSEK made the music,

Thomas PESQUET made the video from ... SPACE !

Céline DION, les 4 et 5 juillet à Paris !


Bonne Année ! Happy New Year ! Feliz ano nuevo !

My blog needs a "diet" !

2017 01 03

I spent hours trying to put my latest photos on this page i know you visit most often, but i am afraid it is now too heavy ! And i would like to save in line my oldest posts so ... please  CLICK ON THE LINK TO VISIT ... "2017 january" - Thanks !

December on special pages :

"december 2016" and "december DIY" !

2016 12 03

Freezing DECEMBER 1st

2016 12 01

WINTER IS THERE with its cold days ... and i "scritch scritch" with my boots on the ground this morning ...

AND yesterday i could see sundown on the ocean before diner, so ...

Christmas will soon be here and i allowed myself to open the well packed "calendrier de l'Avent" that was just waiting for me. I discovered on December 1st a handcream named "fraicheur des mains" as i was looking for my gloves ... and my husband loved the "verveine" perfume so he asked me to give it to him. Was it really an appropriate gift for this journey ? I understand the choices were decided somewhere in a desk team during spring or summer but really men ? My husband was spoiled by his mint chocolate Tower of London. He gave me his chocolate. Finaly, that is what it is : "une parenthèse de douceur dans un monde de brutes".

Merry St Andrew's Day from Lorient !

2016 11 30

Danny BHOY - Visitor's guide to Scotland

Buon compleanno Emma MORANO ! 117 years birthday !!!


2016 11 29

It is juicy, it is sunny days promise to come back, it is orange color as watercolors i love ..so when i opened the bag, i was deceived to discover these ones !!! In fact, all the clementines inside.If you are in France, on the pack there is a lot number. Take this and your buying ticket and go back where you bought it. Don't waist your time calling the phone number, it is always on a messagerie saying : "tous nos correspondants sont en ligne" that is free ONLY if you are calling from a home ligne. And on internet, the first thing they ask is your client number. Even if you are not regular client in the store, they must know what their supplieirs do.We do not want this to go on.

"L' Avent" : sunday countdown

2016 11 27

On "l'avent", there is four sundays before Christmas.

I use to light a candle on each sunday, so i did and put some holly on the table.

Marchés de Noêl begun and i met a painter, you can see her work on page "artist".

Une étoile est née (recycling)

2016 11 26

This is the final result for my recycled ice cream stick painted in silver with spray. I add some jewelry for crafters and put it on my Thanksgiving table on a "chemin de table". Finally, i'd rather this unique silver than the "natural looking" - It's up to you !

Work in progress - you would see the result on page "cuisine"

A  Catherinette's diner

2016 11 25

Invite your lover.

Choose a nice dress.

Prepare "bar de ligne en croûte de sel" - see the recipe on page "cuisine" and ... if he does not propose to marry you, put your photo with your "catherinette hat" on internet or wait for the next "festival interceltique de Lorient" to meet celtic people !!!

Ladies, whatever, married or not, you can have fun with friends making a special hat for a lady who is in her 25th year and not married. If we were some years before - and i won't mentionne how long - we would parade in the streets with our business or humouristic scene on your heads ! Coworkers tried to boast the qualities of the next "perfect wife" !

In Paris, theses "Demoiselles" paraded in the street on november 25th, and were invited at the Hôtel de Ville for a formal reception. Photographs put on their storefront best portraits, wishing in good luck the future bride will choose him again for the wedding ceremony !

And do not forgot the colors : green and yellow to "coiffer Sainte Catherine" ... Have fun !

click below to see archival reports

Sainte Catherine = Last chance for ... gardening

2016 11 25

A la Sainte Catherine, tout prend racine.

So i have to work hard today in the garden but i won' t forget ladies not married as they are in their 25 th.



2016 11 24


I am French and i live in Lorient, so i would hardly be able to prepare a classical Thanksgiving as my american friends use to do. But the concept is to appreciate what you can find in your yard or around and to share with others. So i tried to organize something like that.

This Thanksgiving tribute to "350 years birthday" allows you to invite as much people as you would like because all is served "à l'assiette" or well dressed on a "buffet" ... and microwawe is optionnal. Do not forget to put on soieries or indians dresses if you have in your dressing room to taste my "curry turkey" or sharp the stuff you would put on table to decorate and fix it on your clothes and you would be ready for "rigaudon !" in a bal baroque of your own. To be continued for that  part ...

Ready for tomorrow party ?

2016 11 23

Checking my Thanksgiving list :

-  Menu : under control,

- decorated stuff : in prepare,

- music : in internet i trust !

WORK IN PROGRESS ...Coming soon on page "cuisine" new recipe with turkey - As i am in Lorient, i will try to put an "indian touch" with curry for that memorable "350 years birthday".

Thanksgiving by Windows 10

2016 11  22

Hourray ! A new update made by Windows brings me home PHOTOS and new photos processing method !!! I would say "enfin !" as i used it 5 years before ...it disappeared i did not  know why. RETURN TO NORMAL .  THANKSGIVING 's MIRACLE.

May be for Christmas i could ask for coming back automatical transfer from my card to my computer without wasting time by a transfer via my camera ? Just a tiny program to come back too .. Please !


"Nanette", my first storm in Bretagne

2016 11 20

I did not know why the streets where not decorated with lots of Christmas stuff in Bretagne as in the other parts of the country on the month before Christmas, i know now !

To live in front of the ocean or even in the land needs to have sailors reacts : everything must be under control  or the wind will make it darker !

Everything was upside down around and people cleaned the whole day long in every yard and in the steets - we are lucky our roof is ok.

The only thing we would like to be not there, above our heads in the street around the corner is the nest of asian hornets but believe me, they are more strong builders than human !!!

Recycling ice cream stick

2016 11 18

I needed to clean my freezer, i found some help ... to eat ice creams !

I kept the cardstock for another project and start to glue each pieces, one with another : long together, short together and then mixed. I saw something like that on internet or in magazines i don't remember where.

After i decorated with snow spray on both side. i tried one with silver spray but i was not satisfied by the result. Natural wooden stick with snow spary sounds more natural effect.

The more difficult is to let it dry without hair-dryer ! The wood could curve and that is not the result i would like. As you can imagine maybe i have an idea to do something else with ...


Beaujolais nouveau !

2016 11 17

I wish i could be in Paris to taste it with others at lunchtime, in a crowdy Bistrot, one glass in a hand, tiny sandwiches with pâté or rillettes in the other, a jar with pickles at your fingertips. Maybe the Boss would put a barel of winemakers outside if the weather is fine and thus passing-by and customers will talk together. That is the magic time granted as a break in our running too fast lives ...

Could you imagine Parisians with vine in a plastic containers on tiny balcony to harvest each and mix all to obtain a "millésime" to sell for a humanitarian cause ?

Can you believe that Montmartre was a vineyard in another century ?  The spirit is still alive and each year, you can participate to the Fête des Vendanges.

But wherever you are, if you are French, on the Beaujolais Day, you will ask :

- A quoi il ressemble cette année ?

- Il est fruité ? il a quel goût ?


Until we know, all we have to do is waiting for the official time and then talk, tchat, comment about it. One day for the wine. If it is good, we would do recipes with it.

Christmas countdown is "ON" !

2016 11 15

Did you received in your mail box promises of Hapiness for Christmas if you buy this product or another ?

Did you see on internet these fantastic young ladies, dressed as if it was the Réveillon night, trying to explain to you directly (you are THE only one in the world at this moment) that it is "super fastoche" (super easy, super clean, super fast, super phenomenon result) !

Why didn't i think to buy all this before ?

Maybe because i saw a father, climbed up on a very big ladder, all the family and mostly young kids yelling around to convince him to put on red lights or blue ones or green ones more left or right, more in the middle and the Mother telling him that "it is OK Chéri, go down now ..." and maybe this man was a grand-father who helped his son taking care of the children while parents are working hard to pay for toys, food and spectacular memories they will try to buy, even going in debt for computers, television or waiting for the "black friday" to buy washing machine they need for a young baby coming ...

Others will deny the magical time of Christmas - I cannot do anything for them.

According to me, Christmas is an excellent opportunity to create and explore NEW ! But it is a time  of "traditions" too. So a mixed of both will be great. Remembrance and bold." Ancien et neuf, recyclage et ré-interprétation" are on programing.

I LOVE so much this time of "do it yourself" that i am preparing to celebrate :

- Thanksgiving, on november 24 (thursday)

- l'Avent , on november 27 (sunday)

- Saint Nicolas, on december 6 (tuesday)

- Sainte Lucie, on december 13 (tuesday)

and Christmas on december 24/25

and Saint Sylvester on december 31 !

To be honest, i must say that i will start "les festivités" on November 17 :BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU et BEAUJOLAIS-VILLAGES !

and tonight, i will do as others do : trying to find cute "babioles" as gifts ... on a budget, of course !!!

Beginning the week by "Monday"

2016 11 14

As many others on the internet planet, i am not super enthusiastic this morning but we have to go on. So, i decided to concentrate on the coming next subject that will require my attention ...


See you soon  !


2016 11 13

Mika sent a "love letter" to Paris. I received it as many by televison yesterday at night. So i had to answer ...


J'ai assisté médusée à votre spectacle retransmis à la télévision française le 11 novembre 2016 dans la nuit, enregistré à Bercy où j'ai vu jouer Phil Colins, Patrick Bruel, ZZTop, Scorpions, Bryan Adams, Noah, Sting et Bruce Springsteen un certain 4 juillet ...

La salle était pleine et les cameras vous suivaient. Avant de commencer votre show et dès les coulisses, le ton était donné : le mot de Cambronne et plusieurs langues parce que vous êtes multi-lingues et multi-culturel. Bien que d'âge adulte, vous avez su garder votre âme d'enfant et vous nous avez expliqué votre Paris adoré, celui des jours heureux à travers le prisme de l'enfance, ce qui était très beau et très touchant pour nous autres confrontés à un "avant" et un "depuis les attentats". pour vous avoir entendu raconter quelques drames de votre vie dans les medias, je sais que votre expérience est précieuse et je me suis laissée embarquée dans vos petites histoires pas si anodines que vous le prétendez, et rendues attrayantes par votre logistique graphique, musicale et votre impertinence assumée comme dans cette anecdote avec Madame Patate, votre voisine du dessous, éplorée quand elle venait frapper à votre porte. S'agissant de la mère de notre ancien Président de la République François Mitterrand dont le neveu vous a décoré Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres lors de la remise de votre Légion d'Honneur, je me dis que cette femme a dû être influente dans votre vie, à la mesure d'un dessin animé pour enfants mettant en scène la famille Patate, et ce d'autant plus que j'ai bien failli croire à vous écouter hurler que votre mère voulait "un autre garçon" après vous avoir rejetté alors que c'est vous qui menez par le bout du nez votre petit monde familial qui vous suit à chacune des étapes de votre carrière .Et c'est là tout votre charme : savoir parler et "avec élégance" nous faire danser sur des sujets sérieux que vous abordez toujours avec humour et malice. J'ai fini par noter, à vous observer en coach à The Voice, une petite étincelle qui brille parfois dans votre regard et un léger froncement de nez qui indique que vous préparez un effet de surprise pour votre public qui vous suivrait n'importe où et jusque sur les barricades. A Bercy, quelqu'un vous a jeté de l'assistance un Tshirt, et vous voila rhabillé de "la Liberté guidant le peuple", reproduction de l'oeuvre d'E. Delacroix.   Et que dire de votre chapeau ? M comme Magnifique, M comme Mika. Votre prénom a la douceur d'une plume d'oie et votre intelligence est redoutable comme les griffes acérées  d'un aigle. J'ai reçu droit au coeur votre lettre d'amour à Paris.

Après les attentats, vous avez été dans les premiers à retirer votre profil sur internet au profit du drapeau tricolore français. Quelques mots sur votre page facebook disaient votre stupeur. Et comme l'aurait dit l'Auvergnat de Georges Brassens : " ce n'était rien que quelques mots mais ils m'ont réchauffé le coeur et ils brulent encore à la manière d'un grand feu de joie". Ceux qui les ont lus s'en souviennent. Alors permettez-moi, Cher Mika - et je m'adresse ainsi à vous affectueusement comme à un ami de plume - ,  de vous dire que vous nous avez offert énormément. Beaucoup plus qu'un spectacle. Vous nous avez offert votre amour inconditionnel et votre engagement à nos côtés, nous Français, dans ces moments tragiques de notre histoire. Vous portiez une veste "médicaments" - dont je sais qu'elle symbolise aussi votre soutien à la cause des enfants atteints de cancer que vous nous amenez à connaitre autrement que par leur maladie -, et vous nous avez offert vos soins affectueux pour nous accompagner sur ce chemin tortueux de la souffrance qui a été votre quotidien bien avant le nôtre.

Sachez que vos accessoires de scène étaient un vrai régal pour les yeux. Bien qu'ayant vécu à Paris de longues années, je n'avais jamais vu l'Arc de Triomphe tout illuminé flotter dans les airs, paré d'une ribambelle de lampes d'artiste maquillé pour un grand jour. Vous vous êtes volontairement placé au milieu, là où la flamme éternelle brille. Vous et votre équipe avez soigné le moindre détail, orchestré chaque seconde de ce show à la baguette ou plutôt à la lampe de téléphone portable. J'avais admiré votre détermination  quand à votre précédente prestation devant l'Hôtel de Ville : vous aviez chanté "under water" trempé sous la pluie battante avec la foule reprenant à l'unisson votre refrain. Celui d'hier soir était tout aussi impressionnant. L'eau et le feu. Vous avez le sens de la fête et votre apparition dans le gâteau d'anniversaire à l'effigie de Montmartre (j'ai lu en langage des signes que le gâteau était bon) est tout aussi mémorable. Vous étiez le Sacré-Coeur de cet ex-voto chassant la peste hors des murs de la cité. Vous aimez Paris et Paris vous aime.La France vous aime Mika. Merci pour cette très belle soirée de divertissement et de détente qui nous permet d'affronter plus sereinement les commémorations. Grâce à vous, nous savons que ce Paris que nous aimons n'a pas disparu. Il vit en nous quelques soient les circonstances et il ne demande qu'à renaître de ses cendres.




2016 11 11

I wish i could tell you "Hourray, war is over !". I would do if we were in november 1918.

In these times, they had an idea : to create a "loterie" and to sale tickets to help with money those who came back with physical and psychological pain. I remember when i was a little girl going with my mam to the market place. We always bought tickets for these crippled and disfigured frightening men. So, they do not have to beg. They thanks us with a four-note whistle because they could not talk anymore.

Today we have to take our share of the burden because of the "attentats".

This book : "je suis Paris" is one way to do it.

About a million notes were saved and registered by archivists - Michel LAFON the editor published some.

L'équivalent des droits d'auteur de cet ouvrage sera versé à l'Association Française des Victimes du Terrorisme et à l'Association des Victimes du 13 Novembre 2015.

"Alaska bomb" by Mercotte, "Christmas pudding" by Daddy, "Queimada" outside Galicia, and "Omelette Norvégienne" by me ... WILL PUT YOU ON FIRE !!!

 18 in France to call "pompiers"

Yes, i know you thought : "everything is under control but .. NO !

If you are not experienced do not try !

These  are phenomenon exceptional desserts but to succeed, you must keep strictly a specific method for each step and be PERFECT at each moment.

Those who are able to make you believe that it is funny and easy had learn with a Master, whoever he is, a Chef or a grand-father to approuve and correct you as beginner and to garanty safety for each "convives" around the table. And even when you are experienced, hazards should be manage in an appropriate way and very QUICK !


So, for these desserts, i highly recommend to go to restaurant and relax !!!

Please note that you must order in the beginning to be served in best way in final.

A lovely town : Auray

2016 11 08 + 2016 11 09

Even by a cold day, you can walk in the charming little streets of Auray. You would find there everything you need to have a pleasant moment.

Le "lèche-vitrine", c'est ma passion. LOVE.

THANK YOU people who are working hard to present us lovely pieces of ... whatever it is !

On saturday November 5th, 2016, there was lots of things "accrochés au rideau" (personnal expression). Each boutique de mode was trying to present The Mercotte Look with jean, white blouse, light and colored flashy "doudoune" and most of that "foulards" in "matières nobles" (linen, cotton, wool, silk) but you could also find wool ponchos, indians (we are on "Lorient 350 ans" influence), and casual.

For those who are "gastronomes", it was very difficult not to enter in tiny "charcuteries" boutiques : they smell so good and their vitrines were so tempting ! Chocolate's shops are full of imagination and invites you to order "bûches" for Christmas and to taste "macarons"... Remember, i came here to see the final of a pâtisserie contest organized by a chocolatier (see on page "cuisine"). Charming flowers shops too.

You have nice restaurants also, bistrots to have a rest and ... I was like a cracky squirrel in front of a mountain of nuts before winter when i discovered "BIBLIOTHEQUE DE RUE". In a very pretty red wooden "vitrine", you can EMPRUNTER for free BOOKS !!! The city is trying to promote reading and hope some adults will help with children. Volunteers are needed.

A "trésor" under the arm, i walked proudly to the Church Saint Gildas and there learnt about the story of the Saint written in the stained glass inspired by Venician pictures of the 16 th century. The nine stain glasses are "monuments historiques" as the organ installed on a platform supported by Corinthian colums and a baroque type buffet

And i did not mentionned yet the Saint Goustan lovely port to visit too...

Prepare your next party : "Rigaudon !"

2016 11 07

If you want to have fun with friends and family, you have to experiment :

"bal baroque"

On November 5, - organized by the Conservatoire de Lorient - took place a "Concert" AND a "bal" in the Hôtel de Ville , so ... we danced on tunes from 17th and 18th century !!!

I could not believe it when i learnt that talentous musicians will accompany our dances to music directed by Adeline LERME, "maitre à danser" and member of "Fêtes Galantes" company (Béatrice Massin is in charge).

What a talentous woman ! She succeed to impulse us an irrisistible desire to dance, making us believe - and it is true - that with white wigs for men and long dresses for women we were Kings and Queens, Ladies and Gentlemen moving easily  in "un bal à la Cour du Roi". The orchestra was "the King" ...

The Conservatoire de Lorient organizers had prepare everything : costumes were waiting for us ( I must confess : I picked up some ideas that i will let you know to put a "royal" touch on your clothes for your next party ) !

DO YOU KNOW "RIGAUDON" ? SUPER EASY ! You have to stand up in line as you would do in cow-boy line dances ! Children, super seniors and others can participate if walking is possible

1/ salute !

if you remember the egual sign with hands in past presidential elections, just do it (by slighly bending the knees) ! Ladies only, men salute with one hand in back and bend bust.

2/ Moving left, right, in front, retreat,

3/ jump: "Rigaudon"

4/ power index : "viens ici !"

5/ power in hand "attention", "toi viré"

6/ elegant  attitude  with one arm raised in wooden deer as in Scottish dances,

7/ le moulin : both partners turn by standing by the arms,


Slowly first and faster next, great. All together ...until "la patate" - They had also "meeting techniques" on the 17th and 18th century ! Changement de partenaire ...

So, I wish i could improve my "rigaudon" once again, if possible on the 31th of December, and i dream it could be on Place de l'Hôtel de Ville,  with many people ready to close "en majesté" the year of "350 ans de Lorient".

Having a rest before a "week-end chargé" - 2016 11 04

An unexpected visitor ...

2014 11 04

a MOOSE ! He came with his tiny cupcake and fall apart on the ground. I was really sorry so, i had to read his story once again ...

Funny and beautiful drawers made my visitor alive in the children's book : "If you give a moose a muffin" by Laura Joffe Numeroff and illustrated byFelicia Bond.

I highly recommend - in all circonstances - the good old fashioned : "Les quatre filles du docteur March" (french title) written by Louisa May Alcott. And if you do not like reading or if you would share this drama with family, you can watch it in film. Most popular is the "Little women movie (1994)" acting Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder, Kristen Dunst.

Just have a cup of coffe and relax : It is FRIDAY !!!

Cold weather arrives, hurray, we can finally wears ponchos !

2016 11 03

This year they are ethnic style, mostly in wool touch, and with a hat you won't be unnoticed !


2016 11 01

La majorité d'entre nous démarre ce mois en allant fleurir une tombe au cimetière, parfois en voyageant très loin. Nous profitons d'un jour férié pour pouvoir le faire, alors ce n'est généralement pas un moment très gai.

Pourtant, si nous regardons au travers de notre fenêtre, nous verrons que la nature s'est parée de très belles couleurs. Nous envions les coloris québecois, mais nous avons la chance d'avoir les mêmes ici en France ! - voir en page "gardens".

Profitons de ces déplacements pour renouer des liens familiaux et/ou faire de belles ballades, à observer les oiseaux migrateurs, et nous rentrerons chez nous avec des souvenirs plein la tête à partager.

Today we "win" an hour ...

2016 10 30 - 3 o' clock in my bed

I was trying to decide what am i gonna do with this 25th hour ...


Would i take a perfume long bath ?

Will i read a good book in my"transat" by a sunny day ? exceptionnal, usually it is rainy at this period of the year ...

I could create something, play with my new tools fo craft, maybe try these watercolors i did not unpacked yet

Should i check and pick up flowers, trying to make a bouquet as centerpiece for my Halloween table  ?

Maybe calling friends ?

And so on.  Maybe i spent an hour undecideable than i realized that the real "bonus" was to be "just in time". It was 2 o"clock, the exact hour, the perfect hour to sleep.

Jack o' Lantern contest

2016 10 29 - Some are preparing Halloween

We have to vote for "monstrueuses citrouilles" ...  Which side are you on ?

See on page "Halloween" !

Certains sont déjà sous la neige comme cet écureuil roux !

La neige, c'est magique !

2016 10 23

They are all beautiful !

2016 10 22

Do you remember my check-list yesterday ? The only thing i forgot was the "circulation du samedi" ...

My husband tried to hurry, had a driver hurry too behind our car going same way ... and we recognized him during the show. I just add that "l'aventurier" is "à l'aise" egual in the jungle or in the city,  walking on "moquette rose" and gentleman ...

The collection automne/hiver 2016, homme femme enfant, 100% made in bretagne, is one of those you can wear every day and for ladies two models with romantic lace and tiny couture purse must have for the Réveillon !

I CHOOSE NOT TO SHOW YOU CHILDREN FACES - BOYS ARE HANDSOME AND GIRLS REALLY BEAUTIFUL but we are on internet. As Cristina Cordula said in a tv show while presenting a wedding that children must be able to move in their clothes, i check this point especially.



2016 10 21

Check list :

- camera : OK - do not forget to replace batterie !!! work in progress ...

- comfortable suit : OK

- accreditation : OK

- clock alarm : set

- energetic breakfast : prepared

See you soon ...

Poinsettia blanc = GIFTS !

2016 10 18

Today i started to prepare my "atelier clandestin du Père Noêl", as my husband used to say. I don't have "leprechaun" to help me, so i have to work hard : "DO IT YOURSELF" ! is my new challenge. Maybe i will open a new page "D.I.Y." soon ...

First of all, i prepared my craft table with a wonderful white poinsettia. It helps my brain to keep in mind beauty while i spend a lot of time seewing, knitting, cooking and crafting for Christmas, just trying to create something personal ...

Coming next : grand nettoyage de la maison ! - it will help to recycle lots of tiny things i keep during the year as :

- food packaging to make mini photos albums,

- ribbons, buttons, and other embellishments,

- dried flowers, to decorate tags with glossy glue

- plant seeds to offer in kraft paper pocket,

- drawings, photos, and pictures from magazines to make "collages",

- old books i bought in "brocantes" to prepare new "junk journals",

_ ideas for my new "bûche de Noêl" (i create one per year) i put in a notebook watching television or internet,

and so on ... Everything that can be used in another way !

Save the planet and our wallets !


The idea is to transform biscuit packaging in a graphic name with "R.O.S.E." cutted in the pages, add some tags, pockets, embellishments and maybe two rings. I will work with gesso and acrylics, with a glossy finish glue.

I hesitate on the theme, because i bought a tiny cute album i want to put in too - So ... WORK IN PROGRESS !

Farmers markets : we can help !

2016 10 16

Gestel nature "mutations"
Gestel nature "mutations"

Qui ne rêve pas de manger des produits sains ?

Do you know you can order by phone or mail directly to the farmers and get your products on market days ?

Could you imagine to share with others a small local production tasty and generous ? It is more easy that we could imagine. Some are organizing to buy toghether, even if they are not in the neighborhood. They order all at the same day and share a car to receive their products.

What would be our future without those marvellous people in farmers market if they give up and desappears ? Vanished in the air grand-ma recipes, blown away tasting new food, forgot speaking while queuing up, evanescent past of smelling earth and mud !

This year, weather conditions are difficults. Many small farmers are struggling for their lives - and family too - but we can help. Easy. All we have to do is to be cool. Let them offer us what they can do well, and buy it. We want good quality. That is all we need, and correct prizes. We can prepare phenomenon meal with less. Be creative. Choose recipes after the market, and order for Special Days.

Ask farmers how many time they need to prepare something for you ... and other people. Anticipate. This week, i order my Christmas list. You can do also the whole month long. And maybe something i would like to use will not be there in final, but we will find an alternative solution. On Christmas Day, i will have the satisfaction to offer my guests local products that they may find "exotic" because coming from far, they are not used to.

Perfectly, i hope farmers families will be happy for Christmas too. That means that on january, everybody will be going on on the farmers market that i love, chating about spring and so on ...

My night Snow White

2016 10 14

This night i did not resist to eat the apple in "tarte tatin revisitée" by Chef Philippe RENARD.

THE ORIGINAL and PERFECT TARTE TATIN made by "Confrérie des Lichonneux de Tarte tatin de Lamotte-Beuvron" - i put the link to the official recipe in page "cuisine" - is a "tarte" made for gourmets. It is born in Relais de Chasse where the Tatin sisters used to cook at Lamotte-Beuvron city.

The story tells that a sister put in oven some apples with sugar and butter for dessert and forgot it while serving hunters ... the second saved from desaster adding a crispy. But it was not good looking, so they reverse it in final, just before to serve. It was a phenomenon.

So our FOX had a clever idea : let's start to the beginning !

- In old traditional oven, they used to put many little meals to hot at same time to be able to serve at anytime.

- at final, we always try to imagine if it will be good or not - caramélisation must be perfect !

- apples coming from gardens are not perfect as we would wish : there is always little pieces and the Chef chose to cut apples in really small pieces ...

- when up side down, some juice goes away and we found it in the "plat de présentation",

SO ;;;;

I tasted it BEFORE my main course !!!!

The manager was very surprised !

La tarte Tatin est une affaire sérieuse. On ne plaisante pas avec.

That was great - Even if i am always asking if they put some "ordinary butter" in it (with SALT, because in Bretagne, they DO NOT KNOW "beurre doux" coming from normandy)

The magnificient is that you do not see apples first . To "croquer la pomme", you have to break the "pâte"  and then you can smell the caramel mixed with apple juice, you have enough time to drool ... until flavors in mouth.

Déclinaison de pommes with starters :

1/ salad with Gala, céleri, lardons

2/ salad with Gala, champignons de paris, radis émincés, céleri en branches

then main dishes are : boudin noir aux pommes or filet de sandre au cidre et sa purée accompagnée d'un lit de poireaux et pommes Gala

and finally desserts:

1/ mini tatin revisitée

2/ beignets de pomme

3/ and my favorite of all : compotée de pommes et pêches de vigne - avec une pointe de crème fraiche épaisse  !

Semaine du Goût + "le meilleur pâtissier" : the winner is ...


2016 10 12

Tonight i discovered the new season of one of my favorite tv program : "le meilleur pâtissier".

Chef Cyril LIGNAC and Mercotte the blogger improve nerves and techniques of "amateurs" in surprising classical and "revisites" of best pastries in the world. 

If you would like to taste and improve your kitchen knowledge too, you can see it for free on replay during 7 days from now, and most of all, you can have Chef recipes for free. Tonight, the 12 members of this adventure tried to modernize our classical "tarte aux pommes".

MERCOTTE, the blogger usually posts her recipes just before the start of the show - She chose this week and indescriptible cake with orange - The results are ... to see ! She always forget directions you need in the show .. but recipes are complete to be homemade.

AMIGOS, se puede ver videos en espagnol en este blog !

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Coming next : cheese cake and HALLOWEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing really matters ...

2016 10 09

Seaside walk in La Trinité-sur-mer this afternoon. Marée basse. You could see wonderful boats in the marina. Seagulls were looking for food, waiting two skippers to let them have some fish, "tombé du bateau" ...

To anticipate "la semaine du goût" - a week by a year to discover creative recipes from Chefs -, my husband and i went to restaurant and chose "coquilles saint jacques accompagnées d'une fondue de poireaux" - it was more than just a skewer, it was a very good seaside restaurant time. Than we had a look at shops around the jetée. This little fur squirrel asked me : "please, bring me home in a tiny yard with trees, i am not a fisherman ..." but the shop was closed. Sorry ! Fortunately, nothing really matters when  you are a fur squirrel preparing for a long sea travel : all you have to do is keep calm and drink champagne !


coming soon : birth journal ...

on page "TODAY", l'humeur du jour

October - "gardens"

plantes en fête à kerplouz


Bird Migration

2016 10 04

Lovely, isn't it ? Mr or Mrs, i ignore... May i introduce you Guillemot de Troïl ?

As others species, this bird is a long distance traveler.

This one was broken wing lame - but was successfully saved from a big dog fangs by 2 beachwalkers, my husband and i !

If i could restore the video, i would put it on You Tube but Windows 10  scratched all yesterday night - once and again - for "security " reason i do not understand at all - I am really pissed off ! And now, my memory card reader is a little bit strange and photos are weird : automatically rearranged in a large film settings. Halloween is here !

So, i decided to "prendre l'air" and went in town - TEMPTATION  was there - i fall - i ordered my super "Avent" calender in my favorite provençal perfume shop : 24  miniature products closed in a gift charming pocket to open every day from 1 to 24 in DECEMBER - A real GIFT for each day ... I asked to receive it packed up so i could wait (sometimes i can) the right moment.

After that, it was certain that i should use my "poires au vin" recipe. Lucky me ! Pears are ready. Do you know what it means, lucky you ?

See you soon on page "cuisine" !


2016 09 27

- J'ai une grande trompe et des oreilles colorées, mon nez je fais tourner ... ainsi est apparue la Pépette dans les bras de sa jeune maman.

La bonne humeur vient-elle d'un éléphant coloré jazeur ? D'un jouet pour Pépette assise et toute sourainte dans la salle d'attente d'un médecin alors que la Pépette était visiblement affectée par le changement climatique de saison ?

Nous avons tous ri. Ce n'était pas le jouet qu'elle tenait en main mais elle, la Pépette, qui a monopolisé toute notre attention.

Elle était bien jolie habillée d'un chemisier à col claudine blanc, d'un gilet rose vraiment rose avec des libellules dorées et argentées brodées, d'une jupe assortie en tulle blanc à pois rose bien rose. Elegante et souriante. elle vous fixait droit dans les yeux, à vous en faire oublier le reste. Une jeune femme en tailleur noir à chemisier blanc aux yeux rivés sur son téléphone portable en a laissé tomber son écran tactile pour jouer avec elle à cache-cache avec son étole blanche moutonneuse en rigolant ... puis ce fût le tour du papy qu'elle charma aussi. Dans quelques années, elle pourrait devenir une grande actrice et combler son public, mais en attendant:

Merci Mademoiselle pour ces jolis sourires alors que vous toussiez misérablement à en baver ...

2016 09 26

Time is running fast ...

On sunday, i saw the first "marché de Noêl" signpost of the year - So i can tell you officially :


because ...

It is not cold enough to wear my wonderful angora pull

I did not put on the heater on,  awake at night and ear my boots on freeze grounds saying "hello" with "scritch, scritch"

I did not prepared my phenomenon wine poched pears, because pears are always on the trees in my garden

I started to taste apples 2016  TONIGHT -  and i hope to taste marvellous "tarte tatin" on many sundays BEFORE christmas !

i did not come back home AFTER seeing a red and blue sunset on the beach just BEFORE diner at home

i do not want to be older that i am.

Festival des terres fertiles Lanvaudan

2016 09 25

Souvenirs d'été

2016 09 14

I cannot believe tomorrow will be half september ! WOUAOUHHH !

So, before washing angora sweaters, i suggest to spend some times with goodies as : old films, summer photos, and so on .

You can see my "mémorable baignade avec un crabe" in South of France - I was like a kid, trying to capture the moment ... pleasant to see now that i am home by a cloudy day with demolition work next yard !!!

Thanks for watching - Merci de votre visite - Gracias por su visita.